Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Johnny D

Every August since we've been here (and this makes #4) this is the conversation that crops up.

Kim: "Lawn tractors are going on sale."
Miriam: "Maybe we should get one."
Kim: "It's a lot of money."
Miriam: "We have a lot of lawn to mow."
Kim: "It would be nice."
Miriam: "It would also be one more thing to take care of."
Kim: "Do you think they come with cruise control?"

But somehow, by the time we talk ourselves into taking the plunge, the inventory has sold out and the sales have ended and we wind up exactly where we started: tractor-less.

Not this year. This year the stars aligned themselves perfectly in the universe. The threads of (1) being tired of mowing and mowing and mowing with our gutless mower, (2) tractors going on sale, (3) our research into the best model for us being up-to-date, and (4) having money in the bank account, all came together, and we brought home Johnny D, the newest member of the Mucky Boots Family of Tools That Make Our Lives Easier (which also includes our Miele vacuum, our Mikita cordless drill and Ruby the Truck).

We (by which I mean Kim) have (has) now mowed everything in sight, easy as pie. 

Yes, it has cruise control. And no, I'm not kidding.


Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...


Cruise control, eh?

Double NICE.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Alison said...

Congratulations! I bet this changes *everything*!

Paula said...

I can't help but feel that if you'd just gotten sheep or goats, you could also get milk.

but that would be several more things to take care of.

Miriam said...

Sheep or goats would have been good, but then we would have had to fence off all the flower beds and all the trees in the orchard. Unless there is a kind of sheep or goat that will ONLY eat grass...

On the other hand, sheep or goats would mean new construction projects, which would make Kim a happy, happy woman!

Doc said...

I just love tools, congrats on the mower. I just bought a new pressure washer to clean grime off the greenhouse, never thought about a riding lawn mower.

Razzberry Corner said...

Welcome Johnny D!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

We have bought the same John Deer over the Labor Day weekend, now we have three mowers, but only one mowee, since I'm still laid up from Achilles tendon surgery...

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