Monday, October 15, 2012


If you're not tired of fall colours and the beauty of decay, here are two more photos for you, of a nameless scrubby shrub growing in the wilds at the front of our property. Judging by their ethereal state, especially compared to the foliage around them, I think these leaves might actually be from last year, somehow surviving through the winter thanks to the protection of the large trees overhanging them.

Click on the photos to see larger versions, so you can really appreciate the lacy beauty of these ghost leaves.

I'll be away for the next little while - I'm off the Calgary to visit family and attend parts of this. Until I see you again, stay warm and dry!

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Shim Farm said...

We have had a wonderful fall. The colours were more vibrant than in past years. I especially love the way the peonies look, too. I haven't had the heart to cut them back, either.

I love finding leaves in the woods that are weathered, where only the veins remain. Nature is so amazing.

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