Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Frankie loves Kim. She is his main mama, whereas I am clearly the okay-but-not-the-real-thing mama. He loves Kim and he loves being a chicken farmer's assistant.

Every morning when Kim wakes up she gets dressed and - even before coffee, which to me is inexplicable - she heads out to let the chickens out of the coops and see to their food and water for the day. This is the moment Frankie lives for. He waits for her whistle and her "Want to help me with the chickie-chickies?" and then he's off like a shot with her out the door.

He isn't usually allowed past The Great Divide - not because he's bad with the chickens, but because like most farm dogs he has a taste for poo. Yuck. So Kim makes him wait on the other side of the gate while she does her chicken duties.

He waits patiently for her to finish, then he escorts her back into the house where he gets to perform his second duty of the day: licking out the scrambled egg bowl.

It's a rough life, being a chicken farmer's assistant.


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

You make me believe that we may be missing out on something... Frankie is a good dog. And he has good moms, too. This makes me happy.

Alison said...

Ah, Frankie, lucky dog to have such an important job!

I know what you mean about his bad habit--Rosie insists on grabbing "snacks" when we walk around the goose-populated pond in our neighborhood. Ick! And then if I chastise her, she gets all apologetic and wants to lick me to make up for it--double ick! :P

Doc said...

It's a great life

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Good boy!! :-)

Mary Klassen said...

just discovered your blog a few months ago, always good to find another fellow Canadian gardener. I'm sharing a link to my blog. I garden in northern alberta from may to october and then I live and try to garden on the pacific coast in mexico from november to april.
thank-you for taking the time to blog.

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