Sunday, December 9, 2012

I can smell Part 2

I may now be officially the most annoying person on the planet, or at least in my neighbourhood, because ever since my sinus surgery all I do is go around sniffing things and saying "Wow, did you smell this?" or "Wow, that smells good!" of "Wow, that stinks!" Fortunately the people around me are happy enough for me they're cutting me some slack and haven't told me to put a clothes pin on my nose. Yet.

Here are today's favourite smells, in no particular order:

  • hot chocolate
  • a wet forest in the rain
  • thyme plants being crushed underfoot
  • rosemary leaves just stripped from the stem
  • chocolate cookies baking in the oven (which goes really well with the first item on the list)
  • the smoke from a fire in the wood stove, especially outside, and especially when it mingles with the second item on the list
  • Frankie's fur when he comes in from outside smelling of wood smoke and wet forests
  • the fennel seeds I saved this year
  • the dill seeds I saved this year
  • a mandarin orange, just peeled
  • clean laundry
  • freshly steeped green tea, the kind that has the little popped kernels of corn in it
I could go on, believe me. Is this annoying yet?

Here's a picture of Frankie having his own sniff of the seeds I dried. (My apologies for the fact the edge of the tray doesn't quite line up with the edges of the tile. How annoying...)


Mary Beth said...

I love your list. Everything except the dog fur, ha ha. Hot chocolate and wet forests are a couple of my favorites too! I'm a new follower!

Stephanie said...

My nose is like a rabbit, I can smell everything intently and it drives my hubby batty. So I can understand how wonderful everything well most everything smells. There are some undesirables of smells out there too that we won't mention. This is great for you.

jeanives said...

Jim and I share our sense skills: he does hearing better and I do smell. It's a decent bargain but I'm glad I have smell. Most of the time.
You didn't mention coffee which smells so much better than it tastes, even though I love the taste. And cinnamon anything, and frying onions, and honey, and...

Paula said...

Ooh! I can do this too!

bacon and onions cooking together!

Beer brewing! (smells better than bread baking - trust me)

Sweetgrass in the morning!

this is fun, and you're not annoying.

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