Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lentil salad

I have been making this salad for at least twenty years, so I guess I like it. I have made it so much I don't need to look at a recipe any more, but when I opened the book this morning the dog-eared, balsamic-vinegar-splattered page (I am a messy cook) spoke volumes about how often I have made this salad. It's substantial and flavourful, healthy as anything, and the best part is it easily lasts in the fridge for a week, so you can make a really big batch and enjoy it all week long.

It comes from Still Life With Menu, by Mollie Katzen of Moosewood fame. I have a good selection of Moosewood cookbooks and Mollie's cookbooks, and this is hands-down my favourite, especially for its salads: Jewelled Rice Salad, Cabbage Salad with Peanuts, Levantine Carrot Salad, to mention a few. And there are other recipes, too, for red pepper soup, banana and cheese empanandas, and the best scone recipe I have ever tried.

The book is out of print now, but Mollie has kindly provided the recipe on her website. So go there right now, get the recipe and make this salad. Right now. You won't regret it.

You're welcome.


Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...

Pinned it to make later in the week.

I am learning how to navigate lentils. And barley. It's amazing how much good food is out there to eat!!

Stephanie said...

I like the flat red lentils.

Fiona@RowangarthFarm said...

I'm a big fan of Mollie's cookbooks (and lentils) but I don't have this one. Thanks for sharing, splattered pages and all!

jeanives said...

I cannot warm up to lentils but because you made an effort to embrace kale I will give this a try. Ugh.

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