Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fairy godparents in the garden

A few weeks ago our neighbour's dad visited them for a week, and while he was there he pruned their entire orchard. We were sort of hoping he wouldn't realize the friendly fence between us actually marks a property line, and would continue his pruning roll right on into our orchard, but he didn't.

We know the magic of visiting parents willing to pitch in. On her very first visit to Mucky Boots my non-gardening mom weeded the entire strawberry patch, obliterating every trace of the wood sorrel that had infested it. And my dad contributed to my combat-perfectionism-by-enjoying-my-garden-more campaign by assembling new garden loungers that came in a million parts, with nothing but his engineering expertise and some badly translated instructions.

The magic of visiting parents indeed. Fairy godparents in the garden. And we're being visited by some now: Kim's folks are visiting us from Ontario, and, bless his heart, her dad is a gardener and brought his pruners.

Their very first morning here they were on a mission: Ken watered, shovelled compost and spread straw mulch while Saundra helped me plant squash. And that was just the first morning. The next day Kim fired up Johnny D and loaded up the trailer with compost, and then she and her dad started in on the backlog of plants waiting to be transplanted while Saundra weeded, kept us all hydrated, and kept me and my sore joints from overdoing it.

Friends in the garden are as good as fairy godparents, and we were also visited by some of them on the weekend: Margaret and Julie came for tea.

This was Julie's first visit to Mucky Boots, and it was so much fun trailing after her as she recognized historic landmarks from her faithful blog reading: "Oh, that's the chicken door Kim had to crawl through when she locked herself in the coop!"

When the tour was done we had tea in the garden.

Those amazing lilacs aren't ours - Ken bought them for us at the farmer's market, to help me celebrate my new sense of smell.

Tea was accompanied by a treat, of course: rhubarb coffee cake made especially for Margaret, who thinks rhubarb merits its own food group. She has a point.


Rae said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast! Wish my mom could visit more often (though she doesn't garden... Just takes me antiquing). :)

jeanives said...

What a lovely post. We met Margaret and Julie at Stars on Ice and talked about you, of course.

Stephanie said...

That rhubarb cake looks scrumptious. Looks like you all had a good time in the garden.

Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...

Oh, my gosh that sounds like so much fun! Every time my mom watches my kiddo (once a week while I'm at work) she's pruning, weeding something or watering/rearranging some potted plant.
I love it. She's the botanist and knows her stuff.
That coffee cake looks SO good. I have rhubarb growing. I gotta make something with it!

Alison said...

It looks like your gardening addiction must be genetic! For the first time, my parents have not come up for a spring visit, and the beds are missing Mom's persistence in weeding. I need to find another garden fairy godmother. *sigh* Wait...how do Kin's folks feel about a nice, warm Southern vacation? :D

Paula said...

Visitors who work are ALWAYS welcome!!

Looks like it was a great visit, and the lilacs were a nice touch!

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