Monday, June 24, 2013

Holy cable batman

No, I don't have a stomach ache - I'm just holding the sweater closed until a nice shawl pin finds its way into my life.

I went a little crazy after I finished my last sweater. I was so happy to have finally made up my mind about a pattern, and found a way to finish the steeked edges. So right away I plunged into another project...a ridiculously challenging one: Opposite Pole, created by Joji Locatelli. There were nine million things that made this a tough one for me: provisional cast ons, two complicated cable and braid charts with different numbers of rows, short rows galore, and learning how to graft stitches. 

I have never seen a sweater constructed in such a way. I won't bore you with all the details, except to say that is was by far the most complicated thing I have ever knit. Basically the rectangular panel in the centre of the photo is knit first, then the rest is knit in a big circle all the way around the outside, leaving holes for the arms which are then picked up and knit. Thinking methodically and not freaking out were what got me through.

It was the very last thing I had to do that I'm a little disappointed in: grafting a run of stitches, in this case a complicated run containing garter, stockinette and rib stitches. I watched about a dozen youtube videos on grafting, and learned that the procedure is different depending on not only what kind of stitch you have currently (knit or purl) but also which stitch comes next. On top of that, there was no way to get the cable and braid patterns to meet up exactly once I'd made my way around the circle - the pattern warned me not even to try. The end result is that there is an awkward looking line down the centre of the back collar that I'm not happy with. I tried! I picked it out and started again a few times, and this was the best I could make it look. Which is too bad, set off against the beautiful back panel.

I already have my next project picked out: a very simple cardigan for Kim, in a colour called Cilantro Heather. The whole thing is knit in stockinette stitch. What a relief.


jeanives said...

Wow. That is seriously wild and wonderful. I didn't get the circle thing from the flat photo but i makes sense when you put it on. Way kool!

Shim Farm said...

It's A-MAZ-ING!!! You've outdone yourself. So what about the grafting?! It's on the back LOL, you won't see it when it's on.

Seriously. I'm stunned.

Knit on, Miriam, knit on!

Ursa said...

That sweater is in my Favourites on Ravelry (I am ThePaganKnitter there), and I love what you have done with this. I am rethinking when I might knit this sweater. Great job! I love that you are both a lover of knitting and chickens (I am too!).


Paula said...

Wow Miriam- that's stunning! I love the color, too.

There is no way I could do that knitting but it makes me want to try something with crochet- what a wild way to put together a sweater!

Rae said...

Holy cow! That is beautiful! Nice job!

The Witch said...

Holy cow Batman.
You have done a beautiful job on this sweater.
I love all the detail and the colour. Great job!
It looks very nice on you. I'm so jealous that I can't knit like that.

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