Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Dear Friends-

I've been away and now I'm back, but only to say farewell. I've been away getting some help with my rheumatoid arthritis and have come home with a renewed trust in my own intuitions, which have been telling me for some time that I need to regroup, and refocus my reflective and creative energies inward for a while. And so, after five years, one week and one day, I am going to say goodbye.

I have loved writing this blog. For quite a while I did it just to tell my family about our adventures as we moved to Mucky Boots and figured out how to grow vegetables and raise chickens. And tried to overcome perfectionism, and learned how to accept the miraculous gifts of Mother Nature. And then you began to find your way here and this blog became, for me, a small community of kind-hearted, adventurous, wise and inquisitive friends. You have given me a reason to look more carefully for the small and precious moments, and to think more deeply about my days here and what they mean to me, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Goodbye, my friends, and remember: don't let the muck get higher than your boots!

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