Saturday, November 14, 2009

First Frost

We had our first hard frost last night. I could tell it was a cold night - I went to Victoria and when I came home about 11, the gate was coated in rime that melted in my hand. This morning everything is crispy and cold, and shrubs like the rhodos and butterfly bushes look like they're in shock. It will be interesting to see how the vegetables still in the garden will fare once they start to warm up.

With fall come bonfires, including one that caused a little excitement last night. We spent the afternoon cleaning the gutters. It was very cold and wet work, and when we were done we were glad to spend some time by the fire warming up. It was dusk, and I was getting ready to head into town when we heard (and felt) an enormous whump and and saw a bloom of light in the window. Please don't laugh (it's going to be hard) but my first thought was that the house had been struck by a meteorite. (Where did that come from? I thought I had a handle on all my disaster-related anxieties...) We rushed upstairs to look outside, and discovered that it was, in fact, our neighbours two lots over who had apparently used an explosively huge quantity of gasoline to start an enormous bonfire of the debris they had been clearing from their lot. When our pulses slowed and we were able to think more clearly, there was still cause for concern - it was a huge fire, and the ones in charge of it seemed to be a large group of partying young people. So we called the fire department who came out and got things under control.

The siding phase of our workshop project sputtered to an end this week. That was a hard job - the panels were awkward to position because they were so heavy and not very stiff, and it rained every single day. Oh, and the rented nailer stopped working when we had three panels to go. But it got fixed, and we got the final panels up, although neither of us is really happy with the last side we did. The next job is to attach fascia and gutters, but we have a few days' wait until the gutter order arrives, which gives us some time to catch up on the fall garden cleanup. Then we'll need to put cedar shakes on the gable ends and trim around the doors and windows, and in the spring we'll paint. What a job. But even though it's been a bit nasty, we saved a lot of money doing it ourselves, and there's a nice feeling of satisfaction that comes from persevering through the hard parts.

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jeanives said...

Sorry, I did laugh at the meteor thing. On the other hand we went to a meteor crater in AZ that was truly amazing. I've put together a blog with your inspiration; not much in it yet.
Our 23 anniversary today! We are working on staining a new front door for intallation next week. Be well.

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