Friday, June 11, 2010

First feathers

I promise - I really do - not to write endless posts about our endlessly fascinating chicks, but am I allowed to have at least a few?

The chicks have been very busy eating, pecking, scratching, trying out their little wings, and pooping. Mostly pooping. They poop everywhere: in their water, in their food, and on each other. Kim is in charge of the chickens, so she has been very busy, too, cleaning up the poop in the water, in the food, and on the chicks. Kim being Kim, she has also been devising ways to elevate the water and food dishes above bum height, to keep the poop out.

The little fuzz-balls have been getting more active and feisty every day. When we handle them, as we are supposed to do, they now peep loudly and indignantly, and even try to peck our hands with their little beaks. We have discovered they have an interesting reaction to danger: they instantly freeze, en masse. It's like a game of Statue - all peeping immediately stops and wherever they are, whatever they are doing, they freeze. We discovered that by accident yesterday when something one chick did caused me to laugh out loud. Apparently my laugh is frightening.

As Natalie warned us, they are growing up - fast! They already have their first feathers, on the tips of their wings.

Speaking of wings, I have been trying to keep in mind the fact that - theoretically, at least - we'll be eating some of these chickens in a few months. But somehow the gap between fuzzy little ball of yellow fluff and crispy chicken wings on my plate is just too big to bridge right now. Is there anyone out there who remembers their first time eating a chicken they raised? Any advice for us?

And lastly, here is a slightly wobbly hand-held video of our chicky-babies.


Toni aka irishlas said...

Oh, please do post all about them! I love it when I see folks as excited as I was/am about having chickens. (even if you will be eating them later)

They do grow fast so enjoy it while you can.
Sorry, can't help on the eating one of your own because ours are laying hens and won't be processed until their productive egg laying years are behind them. I do feel quite confidently that I can kill them humanely then eat them. I'll probably wimp out when the time comes to actually do it. Only time will tell...

Have a great weekend, ladies!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

As you know, I am living vicariously through you with your chickens, so you must continue to post about them!! :-)) They really are adorable and the cutest chicks I've seen all day!!

Natalie said...

Please, many chick posts, and no apologies!
I have never taken part in a chicken dinner from our own flock.
In Mexico, when there was a hunger for roast chicken or chicken soup, my grandmother would bring home a neighbor's chicken, or a cousin's... we were not on intimate terms with the chicken, so it was less personal!
Kind of a weak justification, but it worked.

Paula said...

We were at Steve's sister's this weekend- she's out in the country with 37 more chicks of varying ages to rebuild her flock that was decimated by a predator. I didn't see the baby babies, but I did see the dozen or so six week old pullets that she bought, which are just starting to grow their combs, and are well on their way to being hens. They are not nearly as cute as baby chicks.

Maybe what ya oughta to do is when you look at them, so the old cartoon trick and see the chicken, then the full cooked roasted chicken on a platter, then the chicken again to get used to the idea that they may become dinner.

It might also help if you don't name them. Unless it's something like Fricassee, Dumpling, Cacciatore, etc.

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