Monday, August 22, 2011

Rain and sorrow

According to our local weather station, the last time we had any appreciable rain was June 2, when 6.3 mm fell from the sky. That's about a quarter of an inch for those of you who still think that way. Bottom line: it has been dry, dry, dry. That sums up Southern Vancouver Island weather right there: first it is wet, wet, wet and then it is dry, dry, dry.

Finally, today it is raining. The forecast has been predicting it for a few days - at first it said rain Monday and Tuesday but now it's saying rain today only. Even a little is a welcome relief. When I was at the grocery store yesterday the chatter in the line-up was about the impending precipitation, spoken in a way that reminded me of children on Christmas Eve - all happy anticipation. I don't think anyone will be feeling that way come November when we're back to the wet, wet, wet, but for now a lot of people in my neighbourhood are looking happily out their rain-streaked windows.

On a completely different and uncharacteristically political note, we are so sad to hear that Jack Layton died today. For those of you reading from other parts of the world, he was the leader of the federal New Democratic Party who led his party to their best showing ever in the election in the spring, forming the official opposition for the first time. In the best tradition of the New Democrats, he was a person of integrity, honour, vision and action, with deeply held views on social justice. I remember him from my days living in Toronto, when he was the city councillor who came out to Gay Pride Marches in the days before they became a tourist attraction, when such an appearance usually meant political suicide. He wasn't gay himself - he was just deeply, deeply committed to creating a fairer and more just world. I am sad for his family and for the loss of the difference he would have continued to make to our country.


Holly House said...

I wish I could share some of our rain with you guys! Or at least get a little consistency. Geez. My condolences, it's a rare politician who will risk their career to do the right thing!

Flartus said...

Sounds like Jack Layton was the kind of leader who made Canada an admirable country. What a loss; we need more of his kind, not fewer!

Almost like nature's mourning him too, there on Southern Vancouver Island.

jeanives said...

The federal NDP have had wonderful leaders, and he is a great loss to everyone. It was a great shock.
BTW, here on the south south Island it rained ALL DAY!

Paula said...

I am sorry to hear about Mr. Layton. I wish there were more of him on our side fo the border as well.

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

Well... did the rain show it's face? I do hope so, Miriam.

I had never heard about Mr. Layton but, as they say in my country "The good ones go first." Sorry to hear that.

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