Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snowdrop statistics

The sun came out briefly the other day and I suddenly realized the perennial beds are full of blooming snowdrops. I'm always surprised by this: I notice the first green shoots and then all of a sudden there are white nodding flowers everywhere.

I got curious about the date - after all, it seems so darn early. What sane plant would be even poking its head above ground right now, never mind blooming? So I went back into the Mucky Boots archives and found each year's first post about snowdrops, and it turns out we're bang on schedule:

2012: February 13
2011: February 6
2010: January 19

On schedule except for 2010, that is. That year they were making up for their very late appearance (because of the horrible winter) the year before.

They are such a happy sight. Reassurance and anticipation all in one little white and green bundle.


Stephanie said...

We have crocuses popping up all over the garden beds here.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

They are lovely.
Isn't it a treat to enjoy the archives of your own blog? You have a marvelous gardening journal, for all to enjoy! Happy snowdrops... a funny contrast with all the *snowdrop* posts from bloggers out east!

Shim Farm said...

You are a terrible tease.

We're counting snowflakes by the bazillions. I'd rather be counting snowdrops, thankyouverymuch.

Miriam said...

Yes I know, it can be irritating to those of you experiencing REAL winter to be hearing all about the end of our lite version! So sorry...

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