Friday, October 16, 2009

Bird Invasion

It turns out we got the woodshed roof done just in time, because it has rained every day since then. The sky is grey, the ground is soggy, but the diffused, cloudy light is making all the colours in the garden more beautiful than ever. The dying hostas are a mango-like orangey-yellow, the peony leaves are turning mottled mauve, pink and green, and the Japanese maples are various shades of hot red, cherry pink and fiery yellow. Best accompaniment to the rain: the frogs are back with their croaking versions of dueling banjos.

We've been feeling like we're living in a Hitchcock movie the last week or so, ever since a large flock of birds came to visit. They're smaller than crows, mostly black with orange on their bellies and orange and black striped throats, and for some reason they really, really like our place. They're all out on the lawn eating when we get up in the morning, and then through the day if we come out onto the porch they'll all fly up from the bushes and swoop away. We think some of them are trying to nest in the eaves, and apparently they like all the gunge that has built up in our gutters, because they are pulling it out, flinging it all over, and sorting through it for the choice bits for their nests, leaving the ickiest guck for us to clean up. I think it's kind of fascinating, but Kim is more concerned for the integrity of our eaves, and has taken to flying out of the house waving her arms and cawing like a crow to frighten them away. We'll see if it works.

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