Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We love our new stove

I admit I felt a bit guilty about doing away with our ugly wood stove. After all, this new lifestyle is supposed to be, in part, about living with less of a footprint. Why replace a perfectly good stove just because it's homely? We do deserve some credit for shopping carefully. We did consider particle emissions and BTUs - but only after we were hooked by this stove's fabulous good looks. But now that we have been operating it for about 24 hours, we have many more reasons to think we got a great stove. It's zero degrees outside this morning and it's so toasty warm inside that we're in t-shirts. Our old stove blazed hot then cooled down, but the new stove puts out a lovely, moderate, steady heat. It kept coals hot all night long so all we had to do this morning was throw a couple of logs on and voila - instant inferno! And it does such an efficient and complete burn of the wood that we can't even see smoke coming from our chimney, so it's even more environmentally friendly than the old stove. What more could we ask for?

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