Saturday, January 16, 2010

Poking along in the bathroom

Our bathroom renovation hasn't been the site of miracles, like the garden is, but it has been the source of slow and steady progress. You may be wondering why the heck we haven't finished the darn thing yet, and I admit we have been taking our time. Some days it just seems more important to go to town for a matinee, or to spend the day playing the guitar (Kim) or working in the garden (Miriam). That's one of the wonderful things about our new life - we set the schedule.

Since we're the ones setting the schedule, it means we can change our minds along the way about what we want to do with this bathroom of ours. Kim, especially, is good at creative thinking. So if she says "What would happen if we tiled the backsplash this way instead?" we have time to mull it over, make some modifications and go get supplies. That wouldn't be possible if we'd hired someone else to do the job.

So where are we? Well, you already know we removed the stained, malfunctioning toilet, took off the ugly old countertop and sink, and installed a new plywood countertop in preparation for tiling. We also took away the old medicine cabinet and light fixture, which left huge holes in the walls. We mulled over different possibilities for a few days, all of which were designed to avoid the work of patching the holes, but we finally decided to do it right, and out came the drywalling supplies. Kim's great at drywall, and Mir's great at the friggin' and jiggin', so between us we made awesome, tight-fitting patches, including around the box for the light fixture, and then Kim worked her magic with the drywall compound to create a seamless, practically perfect wall. Voila! Then we painted, and now you'd never know there had been holes in the wall at all.

Once that was done, we went back to the countertop. Yesterday we installed the tile, which involved some tricky cutting around the opening for the sink. And we made a trip to the dump. For some reason we both sort of like going to the dump. We get to take Ruby Agnes the truck out for a spin, with Frankie sitting between us on the bench seat. We get the satisfaction of making our front yard look more like a front yard again, instead of a junk pile. The folks at the dump are always really friendly. And we get to stop at Tim's when we're done for a celebratory cup of coffee. How's that for a perfect afternoon?

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