Monday, February 1, 2010

Old friend

We have seen the return of an old friend this week. These lovely yellow flowers are very low to the ground - only a couple of inches high - and lost out only to the snowdrops in the "early to bloom" category. Last year we called them the lion flowers, because their bright heads surrounded by a ruff of green leaves reminded us of lions, for some reason. They felt like friends, even though we'd just met - they were just so darn cheerful, at a time when we felt scarred by our traumatic move and the hard, long, snowy winter.

Well, they're back, and we're glad! Though we started to feel like bad friends, being so happy at their return but not having a clue what they were. So I went looking today through every plant book we own, trying to make an identification. I even had to hunt through boxes of books still unpacked after the move, but it was worth it. We now have a name: eranthis, commonly known as winter aconite. Welcome back, little friends!

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