Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Working hard

Kim and I spent about 4 hours working in the garden today, in a grey, drizzling rain, getting thoroughly chilled but accomplishing enough to make it seem worthwhile. Our focus was the two raised beds in the greenhouse, where we grew tomatoes and basil last year. They are the only greenhouse beds we have, and we fill them to the brim, but that causes a problem every year because we can't rotate the tomatoes anywhere else - and not rotating tomatoes to other beds is just asking for trouble. What do you do if you can't move the tomatoes? Move the soil instead!

So today we shovelled 2/3 of the soil from the beds, carting the dirt to the front of the house where it will help convert some barren wasteland to productive perennial beds. Then we shovelled in new soil from the load we had delivered last summer, and topped it all with lovely black, rich compost. This year's tomatoes will think they're in heaven.

It was hard work. Heavy shovel loads seem twice as heavy when you're in cramped quarters, trying to twist from bed to barrow and back again. And I'm quite stubborn when it comes to pushing on to get a job done, even when sore joints and muscles tell me that's not the best idea. So it's done, which is great, but I have a feeling I'll be hobbling around for a day or two... We're going to have to think about a longer-term solution, because I really don't want to have to do this every year.

I tried to take before-and-after pictures, but the battery in the camera needed recharging. Instead, a picture of a woman and her tractor, having fun in the dirt.

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