Sunday, January 29, 2012


This is my 300th post. How did that happen?

I started blogging in October 2009, about 8 months after Kim and I moved here to Mucky Boots, and about 3 months after we quit our teaching jobs. I began writing for my family, to share with them my excitement about this adventure. But somehow, somewhere along the way, other people began to find their way here and I became part of a bigger community. We are gardeners, and chefs, and teachers. We are artists and musicians. Some of us are activists on a small or large stage, some of us work to make safe and loving homes for our families. We grow tomatoes and flowers, knit sweaters and mittens, build garden beds and communities. We come from many places and lead different kinds of lives, but we are linked by our shared excitement over the ritual of starting seeds in the spring, and our satisfaction in finding a way to use scrap lumber to build a functional gate, and our pride at the taste of food raised or grown by our own hands. By our awe at the beauty of the world around us, and the rhythms and gifts of nature.

So, dear readers, to celebrate 300 posts and to thank you for sharing this adventure with me, I want to imagine a garden party here at Mucky Boots, with friends and family come from far and wide to visit - dressed in their favourite pair of boots.

Post a comment telling me about the boots you would wear to the celebration. These could be real or imagined: the red cowboy boots you had as a child, the hip waders you've always dreamed of, the steel-toed boots you use for work, or maybe the rubber boots that see you safely through the muckier parts of your life. In exchange, I'll draw two names from all the comments, and the winners will receive a selection of Mucky Boots All-Vegetable Handmade Soaps.

Whether or not you leave a comment, I want you to know how grateful I am that you take the time to visit. You not only share your kindness and wisdom and experience with me through your comments and your own blogs, you give me a reason to think more deeply about my days. My heartfelt thanks to you all.

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Anonymous said...

Happy 300th!!! Dont get to say that too often! Here's to the next 300....keep them coming! I would like to wear the boots that Colin wore to walk 900k across the Australian desert. Love Margaret XOXO

jeanives said...

I want to borrow Joan S's embroidered cowboy boots. I think she got them in Turkey; they have a black background and are a riot of colourfully embroidered flowers. Knee length with high heels! FAB-U-LOUS

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Happiness and joy!
I want to come to the party.
I wear black cowgirl boots... but maybe for the sake of the muck I will arrive in my polka dot rain boots, and save the others for dancing!
Congratulation on posting 300 wonderful times. And I happily anticipate hundreds and hundreds more!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

CONGRATS on your 300th post!! I don't know how long I've been reading your blog, but I hope I'm around for the next 300!! :-)

For your celebration I would go all out and buy a new outfit of brand new Wellies that I saw in a gardeners catalog--They are bright yellow with green souls and chickens all over them. I loved rubber boots and as a kid I used to be envious of the boys that got to wear them in school because they got to stomp in all the puddles and walk through the mud. As I grew up, my love for them was given to another, high-heels and sensible shoes. But now that I live in the country my love affair with them has been rekindled and I remember that rubber boots and shoes and walking through the mud and puddles is who I really am!

Sorry to ramble.... :-))

Paula said...

Congratulations on 300! I think those swell floral boots in the middle might belong to you? That's a great picture, by the way.

What would I wear to your garden party?....hmmmm. Well that would depend on what the weather was doing- if it was raining I'd probably wear the swell boots that Steve bought me for my birthday a few years ago. If it was sunny, and I could have any boots at all, I'd probably want back my Nine West Beatle boots from the nineties that I adored because I liked the way they looked with jeans and they were so. darn. comfortable.

Happy times with the next 100!

Lyssa said...

I'll probably roar in on my motorcycle, so I'll probably be wearing the Chippewa Rally boots that are soon to be mine.

Congratulations on so many posts!

Anonymous said...

My entry is my hiking boots. They have seen me through hundreds of hikes in the prairies and the wonderful Rocky Mountains. From Kananaskis country to Yoho National Park and all parks in between. Favourite hikes, new hikes, adventure hikes, challenging hikes, make my goal hikes. They have seen me through screaming heat, running from a snow storm, downpours that are too numerous to count, through mud and water ( I am not too good at jumping across creeks and rivers), and snow drifts in August. They have kept me balanced when crossing ledges, from sliding too far when coming down snow packed hills, over rock slides, and shale slopes. They have protected my feet when I have gone too far, but wouldn't turn back because I might miss too much of the adventure. When I take them off and sigh with relief they are OK with me throwing them in the trunk and getting into my Birks for needed air and comfort. They are OK that in the last few years they have not been used much, but when I haul them out they are still steadfast in their duty, and protect my feet once again. I love my hiking boots. They give me swagger.
Lots of love and I want tha SOAP!
P.S. I think we all enjoy your blogs as much as you love posting them

Charade said...

How fortunate for me to have found your blog on your day of celebration. I can only hope to reach 300 blogs.

I'd wear my favorite pair of Tony Lama cowboy boots my dad bought for me when I turned 50. They've had plenty of years to get broken in just right for a party such as yours.

Mary Francess on the cello said...

I would like to imagine a soft spring day, with a silvery sun and wispy cloud mixture in the sky, the ground a tad mushy under my felt lined rubber boots, resplendent in:

"Red and Yellow and Green and Gold,
Purple and Orange and Blue.
I can wear a rainbow, wear a rainbow, wear a rainbow too."

Doc said...

Big congratulations on your 300th post. I loved the photo of your boot line up. I would most definitely have on my tall black Wellingtons in honor of my favorite tall black Rooster "Odd Hector". How is he doing these days?

Rae said...

Congrats on 300! Definitely enjoy reading them! :)

As for boots, I'd have to go with my trusty Bogs. Best boots I've ever had (though they aren't exactly the

Toni aka irishlas said...

Congrats on number 300! Where does the time go??

Just my Muck Boots. Love 'em, but, since it was a party, I'd put some colorful bows on them.

Have a good week!

Shim Farm said...

Congratulations! That's quite the milestone!

In my eye's mind, I'm wearing my late, great pair of sailing boots picked up in the Queen Charlotte Islands. They were perfect in every way - the soles were smooth and didn't pick up tons of mud in deep treads (don't we know the kind?) and their bright blue colour added a touch of whimsy. Alas, like rubber boots are wont to do, they faded away, bit by bit by little bit, until they were no longer waterproof.

It's always nice to visit Mucky Boots, and partake in the goings-on. I know I regale in your success and empathize in the trials and tribulations, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting us glimpse into your little corner of paradise.

Anonymous said...

I would have to chose from one of 3 identical pairs of green, insulated, rubber boots. They have a grey felt liner and a drawstring top to keep the muck and cold out.

Of the 3 pairs, I'd have to wear the oldest pair to the party. They are disgustingly dirty even for farm boots and have holes in the uppers (no idea how that happened). So resplendent in Mucky Boots farm chicken pooh and muck that sadly, these boots are beyond even your most excellent handmade soap's ability to get them clean again.

p.s. Congratulations, Miss Mir, on your 300th post.

Carolyn Renee said...

Ok, I feel a bit guilty taking part in a giveaway since I just now found your blog, but here goes:

I'd be wearing a pair of brown Rocky "cowboy" boots....I'd say cowGIRL, but the ones that fit me best are actually men's boots. It's not fancy, just some stitching on the sides, but they are my go everywhere boots. I actually bought two pairs so when these wear out, I'll have another ready to go!

But if I really wanted to go all out (and since we're playing pretend anyhow), I'd like to have a brightly colored paisley pattern half-calf muck boots with rhinestones on the top!

Congrats on your 300th post! I'm looking forward to reading your previous posts!

Carolyn @ Krazo Acres

Jimbo Stanford said...

Many congratulations Miriam on reaching this milestone in your writing & blogging, which is so real I feel like I'm there! When does the print edition come out? I will wear a well-worn pair of workboots from someone at the Caterpillar factory in London Ont to the farm, get them all gooey witih chicken shit, then go and kick a CAT boss in the ass with them. Much luv to you all, Jimbo

Flartus said...

Ok, I'm late to the party...but I'm wearing my still-new-looking hiking boots. I bought them in 2010 for our 10th anniversary trip to the NC mountains. We both wanted to spend time there since we moved up in 2005, but this was our first chance to take advantage.

I wanted waterproof, comfy boots for hiking in the woods (and for walking the dog in the rain at home), and the Merrells I found at REI were on sale, the best-looking and the perfect fit! Yay! Oh my, they're more comfortable than my tennis shoes.

Now it looks like we just may make our mountain weekends an annual pilgramage--I used my boots again last fall on our hike up Chimney Rock. I can't wait to see where else they will take me. (And I won't mind getting them a little mucky in the process.)

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