Saturday, January 21, 2012


We have been having a strange winter (although I hesitate to use that word since none of the winters we have had here at Mucky Boots have fit the usual pattern): more sun than usual, and colder than usual. And almost no snow, which I attributed to the fact Kim and I finally got snow tires for our car.

And then, this week - snow!

It came in a few acts: four inches of soft, beautiful powder one day (unlike our usual sodden, heavy, wet snow) another eight or so two days later, then a brief flirtation with freezing rain that laid down a slick coating on top of it all. And now it's dissolving in a steady rain that is making a muddy, sloppy mess out of everything.

The best part of the week was the lifting from my shoulders of the huge weight of worry (and before you worry, please remember that worrying about anything and everything is a specialty of mine) when I realized what an enormous difference our new snow tires make. That horrible hill we need to drive up in order to get to the main road that has been the scene of more than one slow-motion icy ballet as we struggled up only to slide back down again? Hah! No problem: I drove straight up easy as pie. The drifts in the driveway that would have had us digging and pushing and swearing and pushing again? No problem: I just drove right through them.

And then there was the joy of watching Frankie in the snow. This may be his twelfth winter, but any sign of senior doggy dignity gets lost the instant his paws touch snow. It almost makes me wish for more snow.



Paula said...

I liked this post, and I liked the video, and I'm glad that snow tires fixed your driveway for you. Nothing like having the proper equipment!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Your home is beautiful in every season, and I'm still jealous of all your snow and fun!

By the way, the job of worrying about everything and anything is a hobby of mine too! :-)

Lindsey said...

Glad you got through the storm well! The house is beautiful in the snow....

Shim Farm said...

Your place looks beautiful in the snow! So lovely and clean and white...but I hope it's all gone by now LOL. Happy you have winter tires. They are non-negotiable here in Quebec since a new law was passed.

Cooper says: Go Frankie Go!

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