Saturday, March 16, 2013

United Nations in the garden

Winter aconite, rhubarb, snowdrops and a fawn lily 

The most splendiferous perennial bed this time of the year is the circular bed in the middle of the lawn, which houses a crab apple tree and a lovely mishmash of other plants. This time of year it is a carpet of snowdrops and aconite, fawn lilies and crocus, and the shoots and sprouts of rhubarb and daisies, yarrow and yellow loosestrife, poppies, primrose, tulips and columbines. As the growing season progresses there's even more variety, but that's what's visible right now. A veritable United Nations of all sorts of plants growing higgledy-piggledy in the bed, all mixed up and happy to be so. Everybody has room to grow and interesting neighbours to talk to. A community of plants more beautiful in its whole than in its parts.

Snowdrops, rhubarb, crocus, and an early tulip

A poppy, some tired snowdrops and a columbine

Fawn lilies in front of sprouting daisies

Crocus and primroses


Shim Farm said...

Beautiful! I love the UN approach to gardening!

Since it's -14C here this morning, I am going to go and have a good cry and try and figure out how to retire to Van Isle.

Enjoy your garden, and keep more of those photos coming. My sanity depends on knowing someone out there is enjoying watching plants poke their heads out, and seeing leaves unfurl...

And of course, remember your letter to yourself: take it easy and above all enjoy!

jeanives said...

Too bad the UN analogy doesn't apply to the world's reality! Happy St Pat's Day.

Fiona@RowangarthFarm said...

As it's snowing (again!)on this first day of spring, I'm experiencing some pretty serious garden envy! But I, too, love your UN analogy and your community of plants with "interesting neighbours to talk to". Thanks for sharing. :)

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