Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Turning green

If you opened this post thinking you were going to read about how lovely spring is on Vancouver Island, and how shoots are coming up in the garden and buds are coming out on the trees, you're going to be disappointed. Yes, some of that is happening, but what's really turning green is all the statuary in the garden: anything stationary in these parts is sporting a slick coating of slimy green.

Including Kim and I. We're still sick, and have hardly moved from the couch or the bed for the last week. Yes, we have seen the doctor, and yes, we are taking care of ourselves and each other.

But if you, too, are feeling under the weather, I have some advice for you. If you're wheezing and coughing and otherwise dealing with a respiratory condition, it's probably not a good idea to watch the movie Contagion.

What were we thinking?!


Paula said...

He he heh...I'm not sure I'd watch it while healthy!

Sorry to hear that you guys are still sick, but glad to know you're being looked after

I had a friend who swore by the marinara sauce from the restaurant where she worked. If she felt a cold coming on she'd grab a quart container, swipe a quart of marinara sauce, and take it home and sip it hot. It actually makes sense, when you consider all the vitamin C from the tomatoes and other goodies from the garlic.

Swore by it.

Feel better!

Shim Farm said...

Hahahaha, I was just going to say what Paula said! I wouldn't watch "Contagion" if I were healthy LOL!

Trying to beat a cold or flu is the worst! I had a horrible cold last October and coughed the entire month. Hope you'll both get off easier.

Spring on the island? One of my HAPPIEST memories was picking daffodils (and I mean BUCKETS of daffodils) in Saanich, just off of Interurban, if memory serves correctly. There was a huge field of naturalized daffs there, and I remember standing there in my rubber boots, mesmerized by the beauty of it all, picking to my heart's content. Truly amazing.

I love Vancouver Island - rain and all.

Christian said...

One of my favorite surf films is about Vancouver island. Images of getting shacked while snow fell blew my mind.

I hope you feel better soon.

Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...

Oh, laws yes.

I have heard nothing but bad things about that movie! Not that it sucks, it's just very scary.

I am so totally going to watch it when it comes out for free on cable.

We are mossy here, as well. Cold, snowy/rainy and bleak. March is coming in like a lion, which means she'll go out like a lamb!

jeanives said...

salt water gargle!!!!

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