Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Too much of a good thing

I have been going just a little bit overboard in the fermentation department. As soon as I started to get better from the horrible cold that knocked Kim and I flat, I craved anything and everything fermented, and the Mucky Boots Fermentation Factory kicked into high gear. While I waited for those efforts to bear fruit I made my first yogurt (so easy, once I realized I could use my dehydrator to keep it at 110 degrees for 7-10 hours) and bought some miso that I've been using to make soup almost every day.

Then a couple of days ago I tasted the sauerkraut I started at the beginning of the month, and realized it's spectacular, even though it could use a bit more time fermenting. Really flavourful, and way less salty than my first batch. So I've been eating a bowl of that every day. And today I drank my first home-brewed kombucha, and it was wonderful, too.

Clearly my body is looking for something, and I am happy to do my best to provide it. But I am learning that there can be too much of a good thing. Not that it's dampening my enthusiasm for all things fermented, but I have realized a certain period of acclimatization is probably in order...

Today the two crocks of kombucha that have been fermenting for a few days reached a nice balance between tart and gently sweet, and so I started the second step of the double-fermentation process.

I set aside the scoby from each crock, along with a couple of cups of kombucha that will be used to start the next batch, and ladled the rest into clean 600 ml canning jars, along with about an inch of pomegranate-blueberry juice in each jar. Lids were screwed on tightly and the jars were put back in the warm music room to ferment for two more days. This is the step that should give the kombucha a bit more fizz. Then the set-aside scobies and kombucha were used to begin all over again, this time with freshly brewed chai tea for one crock and green tea for the other. (Instructions for all of this can be found courtesy of Kristen at Food Renegade.)

In the photo above you can see one of the jars of kombucha, along with a glass of pure kombucha - which I drank right up as soon as the photo was taken, and it was delicious!

Wondering what the tulips have to do with anything? So many people were grossed out by the scoby I thought some nice tulips might lend a more positive association.

Is it working?


Paula said...

The tulips are very pretty!

Isn't it a funny thing about learning a new skill...you wind up going overboard.

I do, anyway.

Rae said...

The tulips are lovely!

And I wasn't grossed out. If we didn't have so much on our plates right now, I'd be sorely tempted to try out some kombucha of my own! Perhaps this fall when most of the critters are in the freezer. :)

Charade said...

I'll leave the fermenting to you, but I do like reading about it. I love the little still life photo, too.

SunnyBeachJewelryGarden said...

So gooooood! I love fermented food, have you even tried to make a kimchi? (korean fermented cabbage)

Shim Farm said...

I wasn't grossed out by the scoby, so you don't have to pretty it up for me, though I do appreciate the tulips and the effort. Mind you, I am the progeny of kefir-growing parents, so I am pretty much immune to everything at this point in my life LOL.

You do make me want to try brewing some kombucha myself though! The whole process looks very interesting.

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