Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Do you know this flower? It's an annual, which means I normally wouldn't look at it twice (I'm all about perennials, you know) but it caught my eye a couple of years ago on a trip to the Butchart Gardens. It was used in the planters that decorate the top of every garbage receptacle (only at Butchart would the waste bins be horticultural works of art) and I fell in love. What a colour!

So this winter, when I was trying to inject a little whimsy in my oh-so-practical planting list, I added cerinthe to my seed order. I was imagining the small, trailing version I saw at the gardens, so I didn't read the description very carefully. Imagine my surprise when my little seedlings grew, and grew, and grew. They're about 18" high at this point, which makes the container I planted them in completely unsuitable, but once they started to flower I didn't care. 

These flowers could make me not care about a lot of things. It probably sounds ridiculous, but somehow most items on my list of things to worry about just fade into the background, when I have these blooming on my porch.


Paula said...



Pretty different!

I like them. Do they smell good too?

Alison said...

Well now, you can't ask for much more than that from a flower, can you? :)

Doc said...

They are very nice and re-seed here, although I save some of the seed just in case we have a bad winter. I did a post called Bee's Bottoms on 4/11/12 about this very plant.

Lyssa said...

That is a spectacular color!

I throw around some new seeds here every year, and see what sticks. Mostly we have a perennial garden with lots of shrubs, but some of the annual flowers are spectacular.

Holly House said...

Those are beautiful!!! And now on my list for next year :)

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