Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Third child syndrome

You know how it is: the family photo albums are full of pictures of the first child. The second child not so much. And the third child? The third child is lucky even to be noticed.

It's like that with batches of chicks. I'm not even sure which batch we're on now - I have lost count - but the third child syndrome is full blown because I haven't even mentioned the current brood, let alone made them the subject of their own post. So here they are, the most recent additions to the Mucky Boots Flock: sixteen healthy, pooping, scratching, cheeping, almost-seven-week-old Black Australorps.

Right now they sleep in two brooder boxes (that's one of them in the photo at the top of the post) in the workshop, but during the day Kim and I ferry them out to the chicken tractor which is set up right now in the orchard. They're learning to eat bugs and grass, and experiencing sunshine, bird calls and even a bit of rain (although they have plenty of protection). The orchard is where the grown up Australorps pasture, and they have all been getting acquainted through the chicken wire of the tractor. Hector, the patriarch, is particularly interested in the little ones, as is the smallest hen, who would rather keep an eye on the youngsters than head back to the coop for an afternoon treat of scratch.

One of the funniest moments of every day is when the chicks get released from the brooder box into the chicken tractor. They required an awful lot of coaxing the first time, but now they can't wait to be set loose.


I think that's the chickie equivalent of "Wheeeeee!"


Doc said...

Loved this post, those chickie dancers are hilarious. I was thrilled to here that Odd Hector is alive and well. You may have read that we are without chickens now after 40 years. I keep the chicken house and run in hopes that we may in the future have more hens. I would love to have some offspring of my favorite roster, the Odd Hector.

Stephanie said...


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

The poor dears!
Well, you've made it up to them with this sweet post. And the video is adorable and funny! They look as though they get vacuumed out, a chicken tractor beam!
Maybe Hector or one of your new chickies would like to be in the Spotlight, at Chickenblog? Maria is asking me to keep that feature fresh, inviting new stars to be the center of attention!

Miriam said...

Hector sends his regards! He is doing just fine, getting more and more dignified and majesterial as he ages. We would love to send you some of his progeny, but that's unfortunately a little complicated across an international border... Maybe one day we can find a way to make it work!

Miriam said...

Hector loves being in the spotlight - I think he now believes it to be his natural environment! In fact he keeps asking us to see to his supply of autographed photos because it's running a little low..

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Send me a favorite snapshot, and a link to your favorite Mucky Boots Hector post, and he will get some star treatment from Chickenblog!

Shim Farm said...

That video was hilarious! I love how you coax the straggler along LOL!

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