Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cleaning up

Yesterday marked the end of an era - for this year, anyway. Yesterday was the day I packed up all the seeding supplies. Pots, seedling flats, trays, heating mats - everything got emptied out, brushed out, stacked up and put away. The only things left in the greenhouse are the plants that will stay there (tomatoes, peppers, basil) and all the echinacea I haven't found a home for yet.


Seeding time is always a hopeful time. Hopeful as in "This year my tomato plants are going to be strong and healthy, and my onions seeds are all going to sprout." In the early spring anything seems possible. But in my short career as a vegetable grower, I have already come to realize that by the time all the seedling supplies are packed away I am already being forced to recognize that the squash plants got put out too early and aren't doing well, the leaves of the pepper seedlings have sun scald, and something keeps nibbling at the pea shoots. In other words, real life has intruded.

Is it too early to be thinking of next year?


Paula said...

Why are you putting them away? Don't you start your winter veg right about now?

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

If you're like me, you'll get all that stuff put away and forget where you put it, so I would have to think of next year just so I wouldn't lose track of everything! :-)))

Miriam said...

That's a good point! My plan is to sow all the winter root veggies and the tougher greens like chard directly into the garden, and the more tender salad greens for the winter will be in flats that are already in rotating use. So all those lovely little pots are done for the year.

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