Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New boots, old boots, chewed boots, rubber ball

On our very first visit to the local farm store after we took possession of our new rural property, Kim and I bought real, proper Muck Boots. They cost a lot but they're perfect working boots: comfortable, water proof, and warm in cool, wet weather. We felt like real farmers when we came home with those boots.

I loved those boots. They were practical and sturdy and functional, if not beautiful. I wore them whenever it was the least bit mucky. Those boots and I had a strong, committed relationship - we were tight. And then there was the incident with the B-A-L-L.

You already know how beserk Frankie gets when any remotely round object comes his way, and how hard he is on those objects - if we tried to keep him in B-A-L-L-S we would go bankrupt. So when we found one that seemed indestructible, we were thrilled. He was thrilled. He was beyond thrilled. He played with that thing obsessively, especially his favourite game which involves grabbing it in his virtually toothless mouth, squirting it out with a pop so it bounces away wildly, then chasing it like a mad fiend until he catches it and can start the game all over again. Only this time he was playing on the verandah, and when he squirted out the ball it landed right in my boot.

Frankie is nothing if not determined, especially when it comes to B-A-L-L-S. He tried and tried to get that ball out of the boot. From inside we could hear that something interesting was happening out on the verandah, but by the time we got up to investigate, it was too late. My boot was chewed.

It still could have been used - a little duct tape would have gone a long way. I was resigned to that. And then on the last visit to the local farm store I began a whole new relationship with a different pair of Muck Boots. Oh, what lovely boots.

Same comfort, same serious muck-proof functionality, all wrapped up in a pretty purple package. Kim wouldn't be seen dead in them. I love them.

(When it came time for the photo shoot for this post, Frankie got the last word, as usual...)


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I love the boots you are really stylin' in them!!! :-)) My favorite pair of shoes to wear outside to walk the dogs in and garden in are bright yellow with ladybugs on them--So that may explain to you why I love your new boots so much!!
Hope your week is going well!!

Paula said...

I gotta admit that I'm with Kim on this one- those are pretty sissified, girl.

Does your hammer have a pink handle? No!

Purple boots indeed.

However, I bet they go really well with your pretty silver hair....

Anonymous said...

Beautious boots ! ...and I know what you mean about B-A-L-L-S. My Audrey eats a tennis ball a day if we let her have one. They have to be used only when being THROWN in the yard.

Toni aka irishlas said...

I love those boots! They're different - that's why I like them! I had seen a pair with little peace symbols on them and I wish I had snagged them because I can't remember where it was now!

We too have B-A-L-L problems here so we bought a small ball made for horses with a handle on it and it has worked out the best for us. I think they're called Jolly Balls. Okay, I could really go somewhere with that statement, but, I'll behave!
Anyway, they're pretty much indestructible.

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