Monday, September 20, 2010


There are a few ways I know fall has arrived. The hostas in the perennial beds are turning yellow. The nights are cool enough that with our windows open, a fluffy warm duvet makes the bed feel like heaven. My little tutoring business has started up again. And the apple harvest has begun in earnest.

Last year, with very different weather, the Pink Ladies were ready in mid-August, giving us time to pick bushels and bushels for drying and applesauce making, before the Cox Orange Pippins ripened in late September. This year, probably because of the crappy summer and the early autumn, it's all happening at once. It's probably fortunate for us that the trees are not as loaded with apples as they were last year, but we're still having trouble keeping up. The dehydrator is being kept busy, and since there's no room in the freezer for apple pies and crumbles (what with all those chicken breasts...) we'll have to get cracking on the applesauce and apple butter.

But before they all get peeled and sliced and cooked and processed, just look at that gorgeous Pink Lady atop a pile of Cox Orange Pippins. What with bugs and scabs and all the other things that mark up the fruit, most of our apples are a bit homely looking. But that Pink Lady - that's one perfect apple.


Flartus said...

Ahh, Miss Chef does not recognize fall--to her, it's simply Apple Season! We have reserved a cabin for an anniversary retreat in the NC mountains next month, and she is already planning to stock up on apples while we're there. I think all of those apples look pretty darn nice. Never heard of the Orange Pippins before.

The pink lady reminds me of my 8-year old nephew, who declared them his favorite last year. Although he kept calling them Lady Pink... :)

Natalie said...

Wish we could be there to help!
Oh, yes I truly do.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I raided an apple tree across the street from where I work--They looked horrible, but I picked what I think is about 2 bushels and we have loved them--The ones that didn't look fit to eat I gave to the deer and groundhog who didn't complain. I knew I should have done something creative with them, but we were too busy enjoying them! But I guess you can only enjoy so many before you have to get down to business--Baked apples go with chicken... ;-)

Paula said...

Beautiful apples; beautiful picture!

Have you a way of root cellaring some of them? It would sure take some pressure of you having to process them all.

Look online and see if Cox's Orange Pippin, a fairly old variety, keeps well. Don't you have a hillside on your property? Don't you guys get snow (or was that a fluke last year?)

You ought to look into root cellaring. I'd do it but I don't have a basement, and I don't have a hillside. I'm trying to figure something out for it though, because I want to grow potatoes next year....

Toni aka irishlas said...

Gorgeous apples!

We inherited seven apple trees when we moved here - none of which were ever properly pruned, etc. The apples we get are ugly, but, they taste fine.

The hubster goes on an apple pie spree. He makes pies from scratch then we vacum pack them and put them in the freezer.

We invested in an apple press last year, but, the amount of apples have diminished so much it' not worth trying to press them.. besides, I like pie a lot more~

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