Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Butchart gardens

My mom and dad came for a visit this past weekend, as a way of helping me feel better about missing out on the family Christmas. It was lovely to see them, and fun to pretend it was Christmas even if we couldn't find a restaurant anywhere serving a roast turkey dinner.

On Sunday we went to the Butchart Gardens, a world famous 100-year-old garden built on the site of a old limestone quarry. When the family is here it's a tradition to tour their 12 Days of Christmas light display, so of course we had to go. There's not much in bloom in mid-February even here in Lotus Land, but it meant the bones of the garden were the stars of the show.

It's easy to imagine the old quarry in this photograph. This deep pool is the site of the "5 golden rings" verse of the Christmas light display: each fountain is circled by a ring of golden lights that shine in the dark.

Each generation of the family that owns the gardens has included beloved dogs, so leashed dogs are welcome to visit. Lucky Frankie.

For me the highlight were the garbage cans. I know that sounds a little odd, but they were quite beautiful. Each was housed in a cedar box with a lovely planter on top. I went around taking pictures of them all, watched by some perplexed Japanese tourists.


Paula said...

What a great day! I'm so glad you had such lovely sunshine for your visit to the garden. I love going to gardens and Steve's really good about going with me every once in awhile. I haven't been to the Hoyt Arboretum in Washington Park in Portland yet- gotta save something for later!

Doc said...

My wife has family still in Victoria so we visit as often as we can which always includes a trip to Butchart Gardens. We try to get there during the different seasons in order to enjoy all the changes.

Charade said...

How did I miss this post? So glad it popped up below your Oxalis posting, as Butchart Gardens is my favorite in the whole world. It's so far away from me that I don't get to go often, but at least I live near my second favorite - Missouri Botanical Garden. Thanks for this little peak back.

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