Saturday, August 18, 2012

Busy as...

As a bee, of course. It's a miracle there are any flowers for them to be visiting, because the weather has been baking hot and many of the bees' favourite haunts are crispy and dry. (It was 36 degrees in the shade of the verandah yesterday afternoon, which is hotter than we have ever experienced it here at Mucky Boots.)

Thank goodness for the echinacea. It has been very forgiving of the heat and lack of rain, and as a result it was Bee Central this afternoon. The word must have spread I was out with my camera because all the bees in the neighbourhood were lining up for their photo op. All I had to do was point and shoot.

The bees love the globe thistle, too, especially once the stiff, prickly balls begin to erupt in softer purple flowers.

Here's one for my personal notebook. Every summer (and this one makes four) in early August I look critically at an unruly, sprawling, poorly mannered shrubby thing and think it's time I took it out. And then every summer, a couple of weeks later, out pop these. Would someone please remind me next year the thing's a fuschia?

And for no other reason than pure delight, here is a photo of the double-decker bee balm I grew from seed a couple of years ago. This is a single stem.

If you ever needed evidence of Mother Nature's sense of humour, I figure this could be it.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hello Miriam!! Its been awhile since I've visited your blog--I've been missing your posts, and have got to make it a point to pay better attention! :-)

Your flowers are (as always) lovely, and you are right about echinacea. I have planted it and it forgives everything! Our last house had poor soil and full sun and it suffered my neglect and did wonderfully--My kinda plant!!

I hope you're finding a cool spot and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Alison said...

Your Canadian bees have cute butts! tee hee!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Down this way we would call that 96.8 degrees of misery... whatever way you add it, it = way too hot!
Glad you can find so much beauty, despite the heat.
We are heading for a bit of a cool down, I hope you get some of the same.

kara said...

Beautiful! (I was going to say bee-youtiful, but that just seemed like it was going too far!) Now you just need your own hive, I swear it is easy (well, more or less....)

Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...

Ooooh, hell yeah. I'm down with that globe thistle. That is awesome!! I would get my bee ass all over that stuff.

Now I want one for my new yard. I'm getting all sorts of good ideas from your blog for flowers!

Miriam said...

Lindsey, its proper name is echinops (which makes it sound vaguely like a dinosaur to me...) and it is a fabulous plant. There are masses and masses of it here and I never get tired of it. It blooms just when the garden is looking baked and dry and dead, the bees love it, it handles sun to part shade and tolerates drought. What's not to like? My only complaint is that it can get mildewy at the centre or bottom of a big clump, so I would be sure to plant something shorter in front of it. Go echinops!

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