Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I love my wheelbarrow

Of all the tools I use in the garden, this wheelbarrow is my favourite. I appreciate my other tools, for the ways they help me do my work, but I feel affection for this wheelbarrow. Not our plain metal barrow, or the heavy black one that we use to haul rocks, but this light, agile plastic green one. Somehow just seeing this wheelbarrow in the garden makes me happy.

I love its colours: green bucket and orange wheel. Throw in a blue-handled shovel and you have enough colour to brighten a gloomy October day. I love its graceful and simple lines - there's nothing bulky or awkward about it. And it's the perfect size and weight for me. Any bigger and I would end up pushing a load too heavy for my joints. This wheelbarrow keeps me in check, in a good way.

This wheelbarrow has seen me through four massive fall clean-ups of the perennial gardens, and is about to see me through number five. It's my partner in clean-up. When the job is finished this wheelbarrow and I will survey the garden we have put to rest for the winter and feel satisfaction in the job we have done together.

I love my wheelbarrow.


Shim Farm said...

Isn't that the best feeling?

I wish I felt the same way about my wheelbarrow. I keep getting splinters from the wood handles, and each and every year, I vow to sand and oil them, and each year, it gets unceremoniously stored in the barn for the winter, perpetuating the cycle.

One day, I'll get it together.

Alison said...

I know how you feel. Tools that are perfectly suited for your needs are as good as a human assistant sometimes.

Paula said...

Maybe I should think about a little wheelbarrow like that one. We have a great big contractor's wheel barrow that is probably the same size as your rock barrow. I frequently over fill it, I mean for my ways and means.

Can't say I have any garden tools that I love. I am very fond of my Felcos, though.

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