Sunday, November 11, 2012

Old dog, first snow

Frankie may be a little too stiff to go bounding through the first snow of the year the way he used to, and the flakes may blend a little more into his ears-turned-grey. But this morning's brief snowfall was still reason for our aging guard dog to assume his favourite position on the verandah steps to keep watch over the weather.

Our sweet boy is now on anti-inflammatories, which are helping what was troubling him in his lower back, but he is showing his age in other ways: he is quite deaf now, and sleeps much of the day. The time has come when I need to be sure I'm not letting worry over what lies ahead for him interfere with the joy that is still to be had every day.

Our dude. Our handsome boy.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

There has always been something about your boy Frankie that pulls on my heartstrings, and this post has done that as well. But just as its his job to watch over you, it's our job to worry about them.

Paula said...

Make him as comfortable as you can for as long as you can and eventually you'll know when it's time.

Rufus was on a variety of different painkillers for a long time and we knew when it wasn't worth it anymore. But I will say he was a big dog and he lived to be thirteen. Doesn't make it any less hard to let go, though.

Funny you should post this today; I finally got around to uploading my favorite pictures of him and Sophie to the drug store for printing.

Take lots of pictures, and give him lots of love.

jeanives said...

SNOW! What planet are you on?

Shim Farm said...

We had 18C today in Montreal. I'll try to not rub it in.

Frankie looks just like Cooper's girlfriend, a border collie mix who hails from Rocky Mountain House. Her name is T-I-K-A. We have to spell her name, and even at that, Cooper's wising up.

All that to say, Tika just turned 17. She's slowed down, spends most of her day on her dog bed sleeping, but still likes car rides and chasing the occasional fox. She's on Metacam now and has good days and bad.

I hope Frankie has more good days than bad, too.

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