Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I haven't wanted to write much about this because I don't imagine the world is very interested in the state of my sinuses, but I had surgery on my shnozz a couple of weeks ago. No reconstruction - just a good scraping out of my sinus cavities. And now, after about a dozen years of chronic sinus congestion, I am happy to tell you I can smell!

This is taking some getting used to.

Some things stink. It turns out Frankie has really smelly farts. (At least Kim tells me it's Frankie.) And I had forgotten the distinctive smell of an orange growing green fur in the fruit drawer.

Some things smell marvellous, like Petunia's fur when she comes in smelling of wood smoke. A t-shirt fresh from a cedar-lined drawer. Hot water hitting coffee grounds first thing in the morning. I knew this intellectually, but there's a huge difference between knowing it, and remembering it, and actually smelling it.

If it wasn't late fall, and consequently cold and miserable outside, I would be spending the day taking my nose from plant to plant, sniffing up all the smells I haven't smelled for years. But it is late fall, and the nice smelling plants are asleep for the winter, so instead I have celebrated with a Smell-O-Rama Festival in the kitchen.

French onion soup, loaded with home grown onions and garlic.

Chicken pot pie, with my first attempt at gluten-free pastry.

Roast vegetables - an entire pan full, most grown right here at Mucky Boots. Amazing - the taste, as well as the smell. Did you know that sweet potatoes, squash, beets, carrots and rutabagas all actually taste different?

Apple crumble - apples, cinnamon, butter and brown sugar baking in the oven and filling the house with their aroma.

My heart is happy, but my poor nose is feeling just a little overwhelmed. I think I overdosed on lavender yesterday when I was making sachets, and even stepping into the room where I am storing all my (naturally scented) Christmas soaps makes my head hurt. It feels like there is a direct electrical connection between my nose and my brain and I keep getting zapped. But I keep sniffing and smelling, restocking my mental catalogue of smells.

I can't wait to smell the lilacs in the spring.


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Our senses... what a miracle they are!
Enjoy, Miriam.

Paula said...

Oh! do you mean you used to smell bad and now you don't? Just kidding.

Sometimes having a good smeller isn't what it's all cracked up to be.

Enjoy the good smells!!

Alison said...

Congratulations, and welcome back! (You probably should have cleaned out the chicken coop first, though.)

Is this a permanent solution, or will eventually have to go in for more nasal maintenance?

jeanives said...

Success, YAY!

Doc said...

It is a lovely scented world out there. Put some peppermint in Frankie’s food.

Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...

Our olfactory sensory system is the only one that connects directly to our lizard brain (ie - the ancient part of our brain that has remained static since we climbed down from the trees on the African Savanna). Any scent will be initially overwhelming when you've been without for so long.
That said - Awesome way to start the scent parade with ONIONS. That's how I would do it. Onions and garlic first - everything else second.

Also - I spilled lavender essential oil in my soap room. Just a little. Just enough to now nauseate me anytime I go in there. I feel ya'.

Shim Farm said...

Nothing worse in this world than sinus pain. Please look into getting a neti pot, if your ORL is OK with it post-surgery. It's saved me from many an infection, and everyone I've converted says the same thing - it WORKS!

You've also reminded me that I like to put a pot of water on the wood-stove to increase the humidity when we start heating in earnest. I put in a few drop of eucalyptus or balsam essential oils. Now it smells like winter!

Miriam said...

Thanks for the neti pot suggestion - I haven't had much luck with them in the past because I have been so congested nothing can get anywhere, and it all just dribbles out. A squeeze bottle seems to work better for me, and is now my best friend: if I want to avoid a repeat of the surgery I am supposed to irrigate with a steroid and saline solution twice a day. Forever. I can live with that!

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