Saturday, April 3, 2010

Big blow

All of you in other parts of Canada who usually have to suffer the glee of Vancouver Islanders about the cold and snow and bad weather you endure while we gloat about living in Lotus Land? Well, here's your payback. Yesterday while you were enjoying a gorgeous sunny, warm day, we were in the middle of a big wind storm.

We were woken early yesterday morning by the sounds of something big hitting the roof and rolling down the slope. Turns out it was just a smallish branch, but it made a real racket and gave us an indication of the day we were going to have. It blew and blew. It poured. The power went out twice. It even snowed for about 5 minutes early this morning before the storm finally gave up. It was a bit of a scary day, given that our house is surrounded by tall trees that were swaying madly in the gale. But everyone - people, pets, neighbours, cars, buildings - all survived fine. One quite large branch impaled the potato bed, javelin style, and another came down just beside the car, and there was tree debris everywhere this morning, but no one was hurt, nothing was damaged, and we didn't run out of toilets to pee in when we had no water because the power was out.

When we were lying in bed last night Kim commented that it was actually a good thing the chickens didn't arrive when they were supposed to, as we would have had a hard time keeping them warm enough with the power out for so long. So there you go.

I have no photos for you, as I was sensibly inside staying warm and dry, but try for some pictures of the Mill Bay Marina, a little way down the highway from us.


Paula said...

Durn! That looked more like the leftovers from a hurricane!

Glad you all are okay, though.

Toni aka irishlas said...

Glad to hear you are safe and no major damage was done! Hope things have calmed down.

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