Sunday, April 18, 2010


The Pacific dogwood is flowering, which is almost enough to make up for my lousy week. In our old neighbourhood on the Saanich Peninsula, the neighbourhood with the manicured lawns and sculpted perennial beds, these were carefully cultivated specimen trees. When they flowered we would drive past the few nearby and admire them and wish we could have one, too.

In our new neighbourhood they grow wild, and are everywhere. Nobody takes care of them, and they still put forth masses of creamy, buttery yellow flowers. It reminds me of when I first came from Toronto and was astounded that I could pick buckets of wild blackberries by the roadside for free. And they were even better than the plastic-packaged blackberries I bought at the grocery store, half-a-pint for $5.99. I was amazed by the bounty then, and I feel just as surrounded by dogwood riches today.


~Kim~ said...

I have really enjoyed your posts from today and Friday! It always lifts my spirits speinding time outdoors and finding all the surprises that nature has--except the snakes and mice! :-)) I do hope your arthritis has eased, and you've had an enjoyable weekend!!

Paula said...

There are both red and white dogwoods in mu neighborhood- just beautiful. I've always loved dogwoods, but had no luck growing them when I lived in northeast Florida, where they are everywhere. I never got a single bloom.

And the only time that I've ever seen the Yosemite valley was in last spring, when the whole valley was filled with blooming red and white dogwood trees. It was stunning.

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