Monday, April 5, 2010

More weird weather

We have strange weather where we are. Vancouver Island as a whole is odd meteorologically speaking, and it was when we moved here nine years ago that I learned the word "microclimate." You are living in a microclimate when it snows a foot and a half and you call in to work to tell them your car got stuck on the first hill and they tell you there's no snow where they are. (Yes, this happened to me our first winter here, and didn't the Victoria residents get a good laugh at me, the Toronto import who was supposed to know how to drive in snow.)

Well, there are microclimates and then there is just plain weirdness. We knew something was extra odd when we moved to our new home a little over a year ago: we would shovel out from under the latest dump of snow and get to the top of the road only to discover that they had half the snow we did. I'm talking a few hundred metres away.

We got another example today. About lunchtime the sky got very dark and glowering, and we knew we were in for something. Then the skies opened up and it hailed. Man, did it hail. Not really big hail stones, but enough to knock the plants around a bit. It hailed like mad for about 10 minutes, during which time we got in the car to drive to town for some errands. We had trouble getting up the hill there was so much ice on the road, but at the top of that hill there was no hail. And a few hundred metres down the road the pavement was dry.

I am not making this up.

We're trying not to take it personally.


Paula said...

Wow- that IS weird. You guys can't be the only ones experiencing this wacky weather!

~Kim~ said...

It must be Mother Nature playing an "April Fools" joke on you!!!

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