Thursday, June 9, 2011

Emergency preparedness

I have been working the last while to update our emergency kit. We live in an earthquake zone, in a rural area that loses its power with some regularity, in a part of the country that deals with fire emergencies every summer. It just makes sense to be prepared. So we have a big garbage bin filled with emergency radios and cell phone chargers, a ceramic water filter, camping equipment, first aid supplies and a crossword puzzle book to keep us occupied.

And in the workshop we have the bulk of our food storage. I'm aiming for a 3 month supply, but we're not quite there yet.

I know some people think I'm a little crazy (which doesn't matter, because I'd rather be prepared and not need to be, than not prepared and wishing I was). But today - well, today my emergency preparations came through for me when I most needed them.

Did we have an earthquake? No.

Did we have a power outage? Well, no . . .

Was there a flood? Er, not really . . .

What exactly, then was the state of the emergency?

A bad day. A really bad day. A long and tiring and really bad day.

And how did the emergency kit help with that, you might ask? It wasn't the first aid kit that I desperately needed and was so grateful for, or the sleeping bag, or the wind-up radio.

No, it was the chocolate covered almonds I had squirreled away. Boy oh boy, when I remembered they were there and went to fetch them and they were right where I had put them, my day instantly improved by a factor of about a million.

So don't let anyone ever tell you emergency preparations are a waste of time. They saved my day.

And, yes, I will replace the ones I ate, which by bed time will probably be the entire bag.


Paula said...

an emergency is an emergency, but they are all subjective. and my emergency may not necessarily be your emergency.

but I certainly understand a chocolate emergency. you made me laugh, and I'm glad that you're planning for emergencies. All kinds.

Flartus said...

Ha ha, yes! The emergency kit has already paid for itself. :D

Toni aka irishlas said...

This post gave me the biggest chuckle! I can so relate to a "chocolate" emergency!

On a more serious note, I'm impressed with how prepared you are!

You ladies have a great weekend!

jeanives said...

I've dived into ours for a can of beans!

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

That was so neat, and funny! I do understand your emergency moment ;)

We also have a provision for emergencies very similar to yours. We included things like flour, salt, suggar, grains (rice/beans) and the basics for a "basic" type life. We even have some seeds, which we renew from time to time.

I just hope we never have to reach for these things... except for the chocolate, right?

Love ya!

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