Friday, March 19, 2010


I just want you all to know I have been working very, very hard to develop my appreciation for what was formally known as The Ugly Plant and has now been identified as coltsfoot. Every time I pass the little grove of plants near the pond I stop to reflect on the wonderful variety that nature provides, and on how rewarding more subtle beauty can be. (Can you sense to effort I am going to here? It was the remark that came via email about the plant being like a botanical Rorschach test, saying more about the viewer than the attractiveness of the plant. Ouch!)

Today I decided that with the gradual opening of its flowers (we're talking a two week process here), the coltsfoot looks like very, very slowly exploding fireworks. How's that - any better?


Toni aka irishlas said...

Kudos to you for trying to see its beauty!
Happy Spring, ladies!

Paula said...

I looked up coltsfoot online, because I remember it being a medicinal and here is a quick blurb:
"Indications: Coltsfoot combines a soothing expectorant effect with an anti-spasmodic action. There are useful levels of zinc in the leaves. This mineral has been shown to have marked anti-inflammatory effects. Coltsfoot may be used in chronic or acute bronchitis, irritating coughs, whooping coughs and asthma. Its soothing expectorant action gives Coltsfoot a role in most respiratory conditions, including the chronic states of emphysema. As a mild diuretic it has been used in cystitis. The fresh bruised leaves can be applied to boils, abscesses and suppurating ulcers."

However, by what the images online look like, that ain't coltsfoot.

I think as flowers go, whatever you've got there looks like a homely girl in too much make up; she's trying really hard to look pretty, but it just ain't happening.

Miriam said...

You're right - it's not the medicinal kind, it's either sweet coltsfoot or arrow-leaved coltsfoot, at least according to a retired botanist who made the identification. It doesn't look anything like the medicinal variety, does it?

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