Saturday, March 27, 2010


You may remember that this new bed (and its sister in the background) was built in an attempt to satisfy Kim's appetite for potatoes. Well, she has decided that even she can be satisfied with the two beds we have set aside for potatoes in the fenced-in portion of the vegetable garden, and so these beds have been dedicated to blueberries instead, Kim's second favourite thing.

She worked really hard getting the beds filled and the soil to the right pH (blueberries need acid soil), but today she finally put plants in the first bed. Once the other bed gets planted, which should happen tomorrow, we will have roughly doubled our blueberry bush count to a total of 35 plants of seven different varieties: Bluecrop, Hardy Blue, Chandler, Brigitta, Spartan, Northland and North Country.

She was disappointed with the plants we bought from a nursery on the Saanich Peninsula last weekend. They came in big gallon pots, but when she loosened each pot to ease out the plant, out came a tiny, very root bound plug. And that from a reputable nursery that specializes in blueberries. We took pictures, and will call them tomorrow to let them know of our concerns. It will be interesting to see what they say.

But right now the newly planted bed looks lovely. Kim stapled the tags to wooden stakes that she planted in the bed along with the blueberries: not as lovely as Paula's copper tags, but it makes us feel like we're official somehow.

Here was the best moment of the day. First, for those of you who aren't Canadian, Tim Horton's is a coffee chain that figures prominently in many Canadian's sense of national identity. Kim had been telling me that she'd heard that Tim's adds something to their coffee to make people happy when they drink it. So later in the day when I was going out to run an errand I asked her if she'd like me to pick her up a happy coffee, and she said "No thanks. I'm happy enough already."


Toni aka irishlas said...

The beds look great, ladies.
Blueberries and raspberries are my favorites. We only have three blueberry plants (lost one over winter) and one raspberry, but, they have produced beautifully and bountifully for us. We intend on planting more of each this season.

I know how good it must have made you feel to hear the words "I'm happy enough already" - sometimes life is just sweet!

~Kim~ said...

The beds are really very nice!! I'm totally envious of them and all your energy that you put into all your projects!!

Paula said...

Holy crap- that's a lot of blueberries! I thought seven plants was a lot for two people; you guys now have five times that many!

I am not so thrilled with the copper tags and have a cheaper alternative, about which I'll be writing shortly. So don't run out and buy a bunch of copper tags.

I am glad that Kim is happy enough already, and would really like to know what the wonder-what is that they put in their coffee to make people happy! Speaking of drinking things that make you happy, it's cocktail hour, so ciao!

Di said...

Hello Miriam, I saw you over at Paula's and thought I'd stop by to say hello. You have some great looking seedlings started and garden. We too picked our first 'mess' of asparagus, a wonderful beginning for Spring. Hope you have a good week. Diana

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