Saturday, October 30, 2010


It has been a busy day today in the egg laying department. All nine (we think) of the hens we got from Ev are now laying, and even though four nest boxes should be plenty, today the hens needed to make a reservation: as soon as one hen gave her "I just laid an egg" call and hopped out of the box the next one settled in for a session. It looks like the total for today is seven eggs, but one seemed a bit different from the others...

Yes, that's one big egg. We weighed it, and it's about 60% bigger than its neighbours. Ouch.

When we cracked it open we found another surprise...

Two yolks! That's one talented (and tired) hen.

For those of you even newer to the egg laying business than we are, here are some answers to questions we have been asked lately.

Q: Do you need a rooster to get eggs?
A: Nope. You only need a rooster if you want baby chicks.

Q: Does each hen get her own nest box?
A: Nope. You need about one box for every four hens.

Q: Does a hen lay an egg every day?
A: Nope. It depends on the age of the hen and the season, but our nine hens should be giving us about six eggs a day.

Q: Are you eating all those eggs?!
A: Nope. We're eating more eggs than we used to, but the plan is to sell the extras. Kim just sold her first dozen.


Paula said...

I was just reading in a duck book that the ovaries sometimes release two yolks at the same time, and that's how you get an egg with a double yolk. How eggs are made is pretty fascinating, actually. How lucky to have all this in your own backyard (such as it is).

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

That is so exciting that you've sold your first dozen eggs! I have to tell you, I think of you everytime I buy eggs from the farmer down the road--The eggs are brown, but sometimes there's a pretty green one or two.

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