Thursday, October 28, 2010

Maples and friend

I'm still pretty new to this gardening thing, so I know what seems like a revelation to me will be old news to most of you. But please indulge me as I share my current discovery: every week there is something new to amaze us in the garden.

You've stuck with me as I rhapsodized over the crocus, and the tulips, and the poppies. This week it's the maples' turn.

I have been overly preoccupied with getting the hostas cleaned up before they turn into slime - until today when all the Japanese maples let out a collective shout for me to put down my clippers and admire them instead. And oh, how much there is to admire!

And finally, the shrub in the photo below is not a maple, it's a winged euonymous, otherwise known as one of the ugly plants. This is its moment of triumph, when it remembers all the nasty things I said about it when it was naked and flaunts its glorious colour in my face. I deserve that.


Paula said...

Is this autumn glory the previous owners' fault? It seems they did a tremendous job.

I'm glad you take time to snap pictures of all of it. Thanks for sharing!

Miriam said...

Yes, we can take no credit for any of it, except for not inadvertently cutting one down...

Actually, now that I think of it there is one maple we are responsible for: the one in the pot in the first photo. We brought that one with us.

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