Sunday, November 14, 2010

Finally done

It's done. The workshop is finally done. Well...almost.

We have been working on it for a year. Last November we started with this...

...a sturdy, well-built but unfinished workshop. It was definitely an asset when we looked at the property, but a bit of an eyesore. So last November we began with the siding and managed to get it done before the fall rains began in earnest. It involved some tricky cutting, a special heavy-duty nail gun rented from Rona, and lots of swearing as we worked really hard to maneuver the heavy, floppy panels into place. It was the hardest thing we've done at Mucky Boots - so far.

This summer we painted the siding and the doors, installed the trim at the corners of the building and around the doors and windows, and got started with the cedar shakes on the gable ends before - with the fascia, gutters, soffits and shakes still left to do - we plain ran out of steam.

Enter the professionals. $1500 and 3 days later, this was our workshop.

Doesn't it look charming? As our neighbours say, it looks like a bungalow. We think we might move in. Look at those lovely gable ends. Admire the red doors. And the gutters - we have gutters! No more rain dripping down our necks as we fumble with the key to unlock the door.

We didn't install the window trim quite correctly and there are a few small things left to do: the door needs a paint touch-up and the exterior lights need to be installed. But we're happy and relieved to be able to cross this big job off our mile-long to-do list.

You may feel happy for us, but you may also want to spare a thought for the poor rats, mice and squirrels who have been taking advantage of the fact the workshop had no soffits, and making their snug, warm homes in the attic of the workshop. They're homeless now.


Paula said...

It looks great- I can see why you want to move in!

Can't help but notice the ubiquitous and ever-present PNW moss on the roof though...that stuff is everywhere. I wish you could burn it like least it would be useful. I wonder what its R-rating is?

Or for that matter, what the R-rating of rat and squirrel nests in an attic is?

The Witch said...

The workshop really looks fantastic.
You should be very proud of yourselves.
Love the red accent colours.

Natalie said...

You could rent me a vacation room, and I would be a happy guest!

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