Monday, November 22, 2010

A messy chicken is a junco's best friend

Who knew that when we hung the disco dance streamers in the chicken yard, we were inviting the whole neighbourhood over for a party?

The chicken yard is turning into Grand Central Station for the local overwintering birds, especially the Dark-Eyed Juncos. I don't know where they normally hang out, but right now they're thick in all the nearby trees, they're swooping in and out of the coop, and they have even been seen having a leisurely meal in the chicken tractor in the orchard.

Why such an explosion? Because our chickens are messy, messy eaters. They flick their feed left and right searching for the best bits, and in the process an awful lot of feed ends up on the ground - fair game for a hungry junco.

At some point we might have to do something about it, but right now we're just enjoying the party.

(Image from here.)


Paula said...

Gorgeous picture, Miriam! That would make a nice holiday card. You need to pick up photography as a second career- you're really good at it!

I think having wild birds around to clean up seed is a good thing, but it would be better for your coffers if the chickens were a little tidier, or course, not that that's gonna happen.

Okay- I'm frozen in my little unheated room- time to go thaw out by the wood stove!

Miriam said...

Oh Paula, you're so nice, and some of my photos are not bad, but I can't take credit for this one. I did put a little note at the bottom about where I got the photo, but I think I better make the font bigger!

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