Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh, brother

More snow.

This may not seem unusual to those of you in other parts of the world, because in most people's heads Canada = Snow, right? But we live on southern Vancouver Island, otherwise known as Lotus Land. We're supposed to be safe from the normal trials and tribulations of winter - yes, we get a fair amount of rain through the darker months, but that's not so bad.

When we first moved to Victoria from Toronto, it happened to snow in about November. Not much - a couple of inches. So we got out the snow shovel and tackled the long driveway, wondering why our neighbours weren't doing the same, but were looking at us with puzzled curiosity. About 6 hours later we found out why: the snow had all melted.

That has been our usual experience with snow here. We get a couple of snowfalls each winter, nothing to write home about by most people's standards, and it melts quick enough that the common approach to dealing with it is to sit by the fire with a cup of tea until it melts.

Well, someone changed the rules and forgot to tell us. Our first winter here at Mucky Boots saw record snowfalls - impressive amounts even by prairie standards. It was tough, because the guy installing our flooring kept getting stuck, and it made commuting a bit hairy. But we took some consolation in the fact that it was really, really unusual.

[The snow was this high that winter. We shovelled and shovelled and then we made friends with Bruce the Backhoe Guy.]

But here we are, two winters later, and we keep getting snow. Snow and more snow. It's not as bad as the first winter, because it warms up enough between dumps that it eventually melts and we get to start fresh with the next snowfall. But it's still a pain and I can't help feeling a little...cheated.

It snowed again last night, about 18 inches. Deep enough that this morning Frankie had to make bounding antelope leaps to get from Point A to Point B. Deep enough that it won't be melting anytime soon, so I spent a good long while trying to shovel out the driveway. Deep enough that I had to concede defeat and go inside to cancel all my tutoring sessions for the day. Deep enough Kim had to shovel out the normally protected chicken run just to get into the coop to take care of the chickies. Deep enough the chickies are sensibly opting for indoor recess today.

I have learned there is a snowfall hazard unique to living in the middle of a forest: the avalanches of snow that happen when a big tree sheds its snow load. I learned that lesson the hard way this morning. I'm still drying out.


jeanives said...

Oh ugh! I am sorry about your snow and, no, I don't think it's pretty. We had a pretty good amount last night too but it changed to rain overnight and now we are melting vigorously. Yay. You seem to be in the snowbelt in your valley. Ugh again.

Paula said...

Oooh! Did it fall down the back of your neck? Brrrrrr!

Since I have no where to be every morning, I've been perversely wishing for snow, because it's so unusual for me, what wit growing up in California and then living in Florida for nineteen years. But do I get it?

No! You do!

Miriam said...

You can have it! Free! It's all yours - just come and get it!

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

As Paula mentioned... snow down your back is the worse! No survivors, when it gets in there! Poor girl.

Miriam, I read your whole (WHOLE!) blog and I must say that I admire the two of you - a lot!!

You have built an amasing nest, a piece of paradise for yourselves. Fantastic!

Keep warm and put on a hooded coat when you go walk under those tricky trees... :)

Toni aka irishlas said...

I so remember last winter season and the back to back blizzards we got and the hours upon hours shoveling.

I feel your frustration! And, I know all about being "dumped" on from above.

We've been lucky this year. All told we've only gotten about 5 inches of snow since the start of winter. I guess buying the tractor last year was insurance against large storms. They seem to be skirting all around us!

Stay warm by the fire!

Miriam said...

Thanks for your encouragement, everyone. Yes, the snow went right down the back of my neck, but it made for a good excuse for a long, hot shower! We managed to get the drive shovelled and the car out by the afternoon, and it rained last night, so what was 18 inches is now a wet and dense 10 inches. That's nothing!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

That's a HUGE amount of snow !
It's still fallin around our parts, but not near as much as you have, I've already had my fill of the stuff :)
My grandson stopped by with his black and tan coonhound puppy, he was running around the yard with snow in his mouth, so cute.
Stay warm
~ Jo

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

Hey, Miriam, is everything OK with the two of you? You are so quiet... I miss reading about your adventures.

varunner said...

Holy smokes that's a lot of snow! Ick!
I love how wary your chicken looks stepping out. We have 10 hens and a rooster ourselves. We actually have 2 hens who are still, even now, laying. Are you still getting any eggs this deep in the winter? I keep expecting the last 2 to give in and hole up until March or so...

Miriam said...

Hello varunner, and welcome to Mucky Boots! Yes, our chickies are laying up a storm, but only because we supplement the lighting with an automatic timer, to about 14 hours a day. Stay warm!

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