Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's hot - really hot

Was it last week I was complaining about the fact that summer had yet to appear, after a spring that was unbelievably cool and wet? Someone must have been listening, because the sun came out this week and now we're sweltering. It's 35 degrees in the shade on the verandah today.

Such hot weather has forced some changes in work routines around here. We have been painting our outbuildings this week (workshop, chicken coop and tool shed), something that is not generally advised in such sunny, hot weather because the paint dries too quickly. So we've been up-and-at-'em much earlier than usual, trying to get a coat of paint on while the air is still cool. Then I move to garden tasks dictated not by what's most urgent, but by which tasks can be done in the shade. One nice thing is that the spring flush of weed growth has slowed right down, and for the first time since March I feel almost on top the maintenance of the perennial beds - almost.

I pulled up our garlic today, and it was a moment to celebrate: our first Mucky Boots crop grown from Mucky Boots seed - or, in this case, bulb. I'm not sure how much seed saving I'm going to do in the next year or two - I feel like my hands are quite full already. But it's awfully nice to think that this garlic is ours, from top to bottom.


The Words Crafter said...

We got to about 100F today...and the humidity makes me feel melted. I'm ready for autumn!!!! That's a great looking bunch of garlic, btw. Congrats!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Same kind of temps here in Virginia too---However we thankfully had a small respite this afternoon with some much needed rain.
But I'm catching up on your blog, and am drooling over your carrots and am "wow'ing" over your garlic!! Your hard work is certainly paying off :-))

Paula said...

It was that hot on our veranda too! It makes me wonder what women did 150 years ago, when they were wearing corsets and petticoats and everything else.

I am sure glad that I wasn't living then. It's bad enough without air conditioning, but can you imaging having to wear all those clothes on top of that?!

Your garlic looks way better'n mine.

Toni aka irishlas said...

Nice garlic! You should be proud!

It sure has been bloody hot here, for sure! Makes me wish I had a pool.

And, Paula, if I lived 150 years ago and it was this hot - I'd been known as a "tart" because I woulda shunned all the clothing. I never was big on fashion!

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