Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vegetable update (and some poppies)

You have kindly given me free rein to post as many blog entries about poppies as I want. To celebrate, here's another one. This gorgeous variety has looked just like this for a few days - I initially thought it was just on the verge of opening, but if that's the case, it's either stuck or has had second thoughts.

Some of the poppies I have shown you (like this one) are practically as big as dinner plates.

But Mother Nature is never dull or boring, because here's the poppy I discovered today in the middle of the herb bed.

And just in case the chamomile and lemon balm leaves don't give you enough of an idea of scale, here's a close-up.

Is that not the cutest thing?

I spotted that poppy while I was in the vegetable garden harvesting a few things for supper. Carrots, for one. At the risk of sounding insufferable (or jinxing next-year's carrots), my carrots are a masterpiece. Long, straight, blemish-free, tasty as anything. This has been a good year for carrots.

And a good year for lettuce, too. Day after day of cool and rainy weather may depress me, but the lettuce couldn't be happier.

This time last year I was having trouble keeping the lettuce from bolting, but this year it's still crisp and juicy and fresh.

Unfortunately it's not me who is finding my cabbages crisp and juicy and fresh. I haven't had a chance to, yet, because something else is getting there before me.

The heads are just starting to be formed, as you can see, but if you looked closer you'd see pretty gross larval kinds of blobs tucked in among the leaves. Now that I've noticed I've started flushing them out every day with water, but I'm not entirely confident I'm getting them all. There could well be little surprises waiting for us when we eat these cabbages...


The Words Crafter said...

Sorry about the cabbage, but the carrots are awesome! And your poppies just tickle me! I love them, even the ones with personality disorders!!!

Paula said...

Love the poppies, especially that first one.

Do you see little white butterflies flitting about? That's a cabbage butterfly and their larvae will destroy your cabbage head. The holes in the outer leaves look like slug holes to me. I kept my cabbage under Agribon until it got too big for it and so far, I've only had one head destroyed. I've harvested two already.

Fresh stuff from the garden sure is worth all the worry and fuss though!

Miriam said...

I was thinking that I would use a row cover with my overwintered cabbages once they're in the ground - it's great to know that's worked for you, Paula! And yes, I do seem to recall a white moth or two around the cabbage patch...

The Witch said...

Yes, I agree with Paula about the white butterflies. My late grandfather used to call them "Millar" or miller moths but I'm sure they're the same thing. Gross green caterpillars that destroy cabbage, broccoli and lettuce. They eventually convinced us to abandon growing these veggies, once you find one of them in your salad you really lose your desire to do so again. Maybe a row cover would solve the problem. I wonder how long it would have to be left in place.

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