Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bathroom crunch

In our house we have two full bathrooms and a powder room. For a couple of women that should be plenty. But we're currently experiencing a crunch: bathroom square footage has turned into the most valuable real estate in the house.

The powder room has been out of commission for a year. If there was a show about home renovations that got started and then . . . well . . . never finished, it could star our powder room. We are going to finish it, but right now it's home to our sixteen chickies. It's a happy room, full of peeping and flapping and eating and pooping, but it ain't a bathroom.

The master bath is also being renovated, and work is actually progressing on this room. But a functioning bathroom it ain't.

That leaves the bathroom downstairs, the one we actually renovated ourselves (and finished!). It's pretty darn small: there better not be anyone sitting on the toilet when the shower door opens, that's for sure. We were already feeling a bit grumpy about having to make do with this bathroom while the master bath is out of commission, especially since if we have to pee in the middle of the night we have to go down two flights of stairs.

And then William had a little adventure.

William is a wild wanderer at heart, and despite his advanced age he really just wants to be outside. But sometimes that leads to trouble, as happened the other night when he got caught in our neighbour's raccoon trap. It's a humane trap, so it did no damage, but it meant William spent the night outside in the rain. Not good for a senior citizen. And we don't know whether he hurt his mouth trying to get out, or if he had an abscess brewing anyway, but a day later he had a swollen mouth that necessitated a trip to the vet. He's healing, but the upshot is we need to keep him inside, somewhere where he would be warm and not bothered by the rest of the menagerie. Ergo, the bathroom. Now we can't make a step backwards while brushing our teeth without putting a foot in the litter box. Ick.

This all reminds me of the story about a woman who was feeling very crowded in her house, what with her husband and kids and all. So she climbed to the top of a mountain to see a guru who told her to get some chickens. She did, but of course it made the crowding worse. So she went to see the guru again, who told her to get a pig. Then a goat. Then a cow. Finally the woman hiked to the top of mountain one last time, and the guru told her to get rid of the chickens and the pig and the goat and the cow, so she was down to just the husband and kids, and all of a sudden the house didn't seem so crowded anymore. Go figure.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

HELLO MIRIAM!! I've so enjoyed escaping to your blog this evening and reading your news of your projects and chicks, and William's adventures. This is why I shouldn't go on vacation without good access to internet--The world keeps going on without me and I miss it--Wait, isn't that what vacation is supposed to be? :-))

Thank-you again for your kindness in remembering Tanner!

Paula said...

I'm certainly sorry to hear William spent a wild night outside, and I hope that he heals quickly!

We had the bathrooms finished by the time we moved in here- most of the kitchen was done too. But then, we were paying rent and a mortgage both for about four months, so we were highly motivated, and we had a good contractor. On the last house, I had the renovation blues, though. I lived for five months without a kitchen, and cooked using a toaster oven and a microwave. One day after church I had to take myself to breakfast, I was jones'n for a fried egg soooo bad. When I finally finished the kitchen, I couldn't bear to have the microwave in it, so it got a home on a cabinet I built for it in the utility room with the washer and dryer.

As often as I get up to go potty in the middle of the night, I would seriously hate to deal with two flights of stairs! Good luck getting it all done quickly!

Flartus said...

Oh my. The fun never ends, does it?

Rae said...

Poor William! Hope he's feeling better!

I feel for ya on the itty bitty bathroom. Your bathroom woes make me feel guilty about my lack of baseboard/ packing boxes everywhere woes. A good bathroom is WAY more important! :)

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Those chicks made me smile, is there anything sweeter !
I wish we had a mudroom, just leave your wellies on the tile floor, throw your raincoat up on the peg and no mess in the kitchen.
My Oliver cat was hurt several weeks ago by another male cat. Since recovering he runs the other way when the door is open, it's almost sad, he has lost his outside personality completely. I hope William recovers quickly.
Sounds like you are keeping busy, I wouldn't worry too much about the bathroom space, just so long as you have one inside loo ;)

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

Poor William! I hope he recovers soon. Really. From the heart, I hope he gets well.

Now, Miriam, I would say that you ladies need a pig, a goat, and a cow - all inside your house! In a few weeks, tell me how it feels... LOL

Don't be frustrated, my friend. Soon the new bath will be done and both of you are going to laugh about this time, while sipping a mint julep in your varanda, watching the chicks, the pig, the goat and the cow on the yard.
Love ya!

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