Saturday, March 26, 2011

Crossing the Rubicon and back again

Hey! There are chickens on the loose!

Kim built a new door in the enclosure that Pee Wee and his flock use so they can roam free and find bugs and worms and grass. She's been letting them out for a few hours every day, balancing the benefits of pasturing with the risks posed by the resident eagles. Until now they have stayed close to the coop, venturing as far as the south wall of the workshop where they found a spot perfect for sunny dust baths. For some reason they seemed to regard the little stretch of road over the pond as a Rubicon of sorts. Until yesterday.

In the late afternoon I looked out the kitchen window and there was Pee Wee and his hens, trundling happily in the direction of the house. Kim and I watched them from the verandah for a while until Kim decided to take them back to the chicken yard so the other flock could have its turn roaming free. It seems you can cross back, after all.



Christian said...

Ha! I love the way they follow her so dutifully. :)

Paula said...

Too cute! Very entertaining.

I gotta get me some chickens.

Toni aka irishlas said...

OH MY WORD! That is just too bloody cute!!!

What a great chicken Mom. I love how they follow her!

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

When I saw the first picture I already thought it was too - TOO - cute! All the chickies, with their fluffy butts, walking down that beautiful path.

Then I watched the video! Can anything be sweeter than that??

jeanives said...

The Pied Piper routine is hilarious!
I want to see that in person...
Alan is here, in Nanaimo.

Natalie said...

What an adventurous bunch!
They make me wish I had an entire flock of big, golden chooks. They look healthy and robust!

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