Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We're off

Today was a big day at Mucky Boots. Today was Day 1 - demolition day - in the great, long awaited Master Bath Renovation. We have been waiting for this day for a long time.

We knew it was coming. We knew because the verandah was starting to look like the warehouse of a plumbing fixture store. Then this morning Wayne and Jason arrived and not long after our verandah looked like this.

Goodbye, old shower with the cheap brass finish that peels off like tape. Goodbye, toilet with the permanent iron stains. Goodbye, old sink with no place to put a toothbrush. Goodbye nautical-themed tile and mirrored shelves.

We have some work ahead of us. Wayne and Jason are doing the bulk of it, but when the demo stage is done they'll leave us with the first coat of drywall mud on and fresh plywood on the floors. Then they will go on to another job while we finish the walls and paint, and install tile on the floor, at which point they'll come back to finish up.

Yes, we've got a way to go, but I can just feel the hot water slipping over my shoulders as I sink down into my first hot, fragrant, steaming bath in more than two years. Soon, soon, soon.


Paula said...

Oh yay! Good for you guys. New bathrooms are the best. Are you going to show us before and after pictures?

Miriam said...

You bet - I think this will be the best documented bathroom reno in modern history!

farmhousewife said...

Oh the long awaited bliss!!

Hey, what are you going to do with that commode? May I suggest some rich compost, placement at the corner of somewhere quaint, and a mass of upright and trailing flowers blooming out of it?

Can't wait to see the newness! I'm sure it won't wear off quick!

Flartus said...

To follow up on Farmhousewife's comment...I could see that sink as a cute little birdbath, complete with fountain coming through the faucet. And you could glue toothbrushes sticking out from the edge as perches!

Aren't you glad we live so far away that we can't come over and commandeer your yard decor?

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

Where is the closest DUMP site for the old stained toilet bowl and silly sink?... you think? I cannot imagine flowers looking attractive coming out of a pooper, do you?


Please, do let us see the end result of your enterprise. The pleasure of a brand new bathroom is difficult to match.
Love ya.

Doc said...

Sounds like a lot of work on the road to paradise. In my old age I prefer Wayne and Jason to do all the work. You ever see a one eyed old man try to do finishing work.....Oh! I think I hear Wayne and Jason coming ;o)

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