Friday, April 29, 2011

First harvest

I am one happy camper today. Today I harvested the first food of the Mucky Boots 2011 growing season: 3.5 kg of rhubarb, which translated into 1.5 kg of stalks.

There is rhubarb growing all over the property, and this year I'm going to do it justice. I'm going to make vanilla rhubarb jam, and rhubarb chutney, and rhubarb-strawberry-raspberry crisp with last year's berries still in the freezer. Maybe not today - we're still working on Chicken Coop #2. But I'll keep harvesting, and will stick it all in the freezer until I have a spare afternoon for some canning.



Flartus said...

You go, girl!

(wv: "cakin" How 'bout cakin' some of that rhubarb?) :D

Miriam said...

Hmm....cake! What a tasty idea! Got a favourite recipe?

jeanives said...

We had a great rhubarb cream pie recently but the dairy is probably not on your 'good' list. I have a gluten free rhubarb crumble recipe that is pretty sinful if you're interested.

Toni@BackyardFeast said...

Miriam that is a kick-ass rhubarb haul. I'm so jealous! I cut up/hacked mercilessly at our huge rhubarb root this past fall trying to move it, and although I have new stalks coming up all over the place, none are at the harvest stage quite yet. I can't wait!

And, by the way, I have tagged you with a Versatile Blogger Award on my blog. If you're up for participating, link back to me when you do, then share 7 things about yourself that blog readers are unlikely to know. Then tag 5-15 more versatile bloggers! Happy spring harvests!

Fiona said...

Hi Miriam,

Fiona from Innerlife here. My good friend Toni (BackyardFeast) just gave your blog a shout-out and I thought I'd check it out...then I realized it was you!

Gorgeous blog! And gorgeous spot you've got in the the Valley. As a newcomer to permaculture gardening and food production in general, it is so great to see so much abundance.

Given all that you've got going this spring, I feel especially blessed that you had a day to share with us.

Best wishes for much bounty!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I planted rhubarb last year and had high hopes for it this year...My hopes have been dashed by hardly any--There's always next year and I'll be asking you for recipes! :-)

Sandy said...

Lucky! I wish I had rhubarb growing all over. I've created a dedicated rhubard bed. I'll be able to harvest some this year, but not as much as I'd want to be able to. Hopefully I'll have enough for some jam and pie when the strawberries ripen.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Ooh, that looks scrumptious!
We visited our local Amish community last week, and bought jar after jar of strawberry, rhubarb jam, it tastes like summer in a jar ;)
What a crop you have there !

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