Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tool shed

The very first blog post I wrote, in October 2009, was about putting a new roof on the woodshed. Boy, were we proud of ourselves. Kim took this picture of me sitting on the roof. I had knee pads and callouses: I was a handywoman!

We've been working on the woodshed again this week. It's a very practical building, with our wood storage on one side and a catch-all of garbage cans, recycling bins and assorted junk on the other. It's a solid little structure, but not the most attractive sight when you first drive up to the house. So we decided to enclose the catch-all half and turn it into a proper tool shed to replace the existing one that is too small and too dark.

One new post, a few cross beams and lots of cedar boards and battens later, we have two new walls.

You may be wondering about the photo of the shovels. They go with the 3 tons of screening that are waiting to be raked in for the floor. Yes, you read that right: 3 tons. We calculated the volume we needed (really, really carefully, given the dirt pile that still adorns our front lawn) and the gravel people said it would work out to 2 tons. So weren't we surprised when they showed up with 3. Turns out they're about as bad at estimating as we were. No matter - we only had to pay for what we ordered, and the rest will be put to good use on paths.

Once the screening has been raked and settled in with a few soakings of water, Kim will build some doors to match her whimsical gates. But that might have to wait a bit: she's got her eye on the soon-to-be-vacated Tool Shed #1. She thinks it would make a great Chicken Coop #2. . .


Paula said...

oh gosh. here you are, with outbuildings galore, and I'm still trying to figure out how to get what I need (actually- it's more figuring out what I need, and then how to get it).

I think I could really use a Kim right now.

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

Well, look at that! How neat! You did a great job, that's for sure.

You look like a happy girl, on top of that roof. That's a no-no for me, because I am so freaking scared of hights. My pathetic limit is the 2' kitchen step stool we have.


Flartus said...

lol, you can't leave a room empty for two minutes before Kim starts installing roosts and nest boxes! :D

jeanives said...

And I am all tied up in knots about what little storage we're going to have in our new place. The walk-in closet is giving me fits and there will be NO tool shed! Yikes.

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